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Discount on breeding service fees for members of Iowa Llama Association Discounts on multiple females Suri fiber guarantee Introducing for 2003-Industry first Breeders Guarantee Refund Exhibitors Incentives Additions to the purse ...

RCF: Mauritia flexuosa
They are also used for fiber and crafts. The large petioles are used for making light walls ("esteras") and other crafts ... removed, and used for fencing. Rotten aguaje trunks are home to "suri" larvae (Rhynchophorus palmarum), which are eaten or sold. Suri have several medicinal and spiritual uses. Agroforestry Aguaje should be planted ...

Fiber CEDARS EDGE LLAMA FARM's Suri-Type Fiber ... Another Lt. Dunbar advantage is the suri-type fiber that covers him from head to toe. This is a very desirable genetic trait and ... natural resilience and elasticity of the fiber and are important qualities for processing. Lt. Dunbar's fiber displays all of the above characteristics in abundance. This suri-type fiber has been established as the ...

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