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Sven Hedin in the Gobi Desert
Sven Hedin in the Gobi Desert Sven Hedin's Account Of the Takla-makan desert, 1895 On February 17th, 1895, Sven Hedin the explorer set out ... and he stayed with the camels now. Hedin never saw him again. They walked--Sven Hedin and Kasim. They lay down and napped, ... with Sven Hedin. There were merchants passing regularly, traveling along the dry bed of the Khotan-daria. Three of them found Hedin in the ...

Sven Hedin: Plague in Seistan
Sven Hedin: Plague in Seistan THE PLAGUE From Overland to India, vol. 2 By Sven Hedin Who has not heard of the Black Death which spread in the fourteenth century from ... More from this site

Entomologi - Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Yngve Sjöstedt och Sven Hedin. + Till de entomologiska samlingarna + Läs mer: Bergianska stiftelsen Naturhistoriska riksmuseet Telefon: 08-519 540 00 ...

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