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Taco Bell corn taco shells because they were found to ... taco shells? I was startled to find out that over 3,000 schools sell Taco Bell products in their a la carte line. No quero Taco Bell. It's also troubling that it took independent testing by a non-profit group to find the StarLink residue in the taco shells. Why didn't the EPA test the taco shells ...

International News on Genetic Engineering in Agriculture - 1999/09/03
American supermarkets in products ranging from baby formulas and tortilla chips to drink mixes, taco shells, veggie burgers and muffin mix. The findings, reported in the September issue, indicate that American ...

Say No To GMOs! - July 2005
Taco Bell taco shells. Aventis CropScience, the corn's grower, quickly abandoned the product and was forced to ...

Say No To GMOs! - July 2007
StarLink, had been discovered in taco shells made by Kraft. Because the StarLink corn had been approved as animal feed and not ... More from this site

Starbucks Campaign: Background Information
But so far, biotech foods have caused worries, sparking recalls of taco shells, chips and corn flakes, and drawing the ire of some scientists, environmentalists and consumer advocates ...

Background Info -Supermarket Campaign- Organic Consumers Association educates about geneteically engineered foods,gmos,ge foods, organics
GE crops such as corn, cotton and soy also comprise ... More from this site

National Geographic Adventure Mag.: April 2003 Contents
Fast Breaks Five days on scenic West Texas roads: towering dunes, weird lights, taco-scarfing with James Dean's diner pals. New! The Essentials This month: backpacking. What to ... Forum: What can be learned from this year's tragic avalanche season? Top   GEAR Waterproof Shells No need to buy a big, expensive parka to stay dry in the rain. Here ...

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