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The impact of human activity on the native forests of New Zealand. The giant kauri Tane Mahuta, Waipoua Forest Sanctuary, Northland Photo courtesy of Tourism Northland Top of page Copyright and disclaimer ...

NATUREANDCO.COM - The Northland Forest Park, New Zealand
While Tane Mahuta is younger (1500 years old) and has a smaller girth (13.77 m/45.2 ... More from this site

Maori, ‘Tane Mahuta’, the God of the Forest. It symbolises for many Europeans the lost grandeur of ‘once’. For the Maori it is ‘Tane’ a living entity and a ... it was required to protect any of my loved ones. In Maori mythology it was Tane who breathed life into the first woman, Hineahuone. The Maori call breath ‘ha’. It is ...

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