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Tasmanian devil - Marsupial carnivores - Tasmania Victoria, Australia
Tasmanian devils are frequently killed on the highways where they scavenge other road kills Wilson's Promontory, Victoria where the possible 'mainland' race of the Tasmanian ...

Conservation Magazine - Teaching Tools
(Vol. 9, No. 1) Cancer on a Whole Species Cover Story The gruesome disease ravaging Tasmanian devils is unlike anything we’ve seen before. by Cynthia Mills Ecosystems Unraveling Pull predators out ...

DPIW - Tasmanian Devil Information for Kids
Tasmanian devils (or Tassie devils) today. In reality, the Tasmanian devil is not scary. It's no bigger than a small dog, and young devils can be very cute. On the other hand, devils ...

DPIW - Spotted-tail Quoll
Large spotted-tailed quolls compete directly with Tasmanian devils for food -- one female has even been seen to chase a Tasmanian devil away from a carcase! BreedingBreeding is similar to ... More from this site

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - Australian wildlife
Pine Koala Sanctuary - Australian wildlife About Tasmanian Devils Scientific Name Sarcophilus harrisii Tasmanian devils earned their name as they are only found in Tasmania and their fierce appearance ... The Tasmanian government is currently doing research and forming a recovery plan. Lone Pine has a donation ‘wishing well"at the entrance for anyone able to help the Tasmanian devil. Tasmanian Devil ...

The Thylacine Museum - Introducing the Thylacine: Tasmanian Wolf (page 2)
The Thylacine Museum - Introducing the Thylacine: Tasmanian Wolf (page 2) . INTRODUCING THE THYLACINE: - TASMANIAN WOLF - (page 2) . . . A circa 1914 photo of a thylacine at the London Zoo's ... of Tasmanian devils are somewhat similar in form to those of a small thylacine, and are sometimes mistaken for such. . . Information on this page is referenced primarily from: MOELLER, H. F. 1972. Tasmanian ...

The Thylacine Museum - Magnificent Survivor (page 4)
Two years' living in a remote Tasmanian community allows insights which people living outside of Tasmania cannot understand. These are the subtleties of Tasmanian life; the subtle ways in which local ... or chewed by Tasmanian devils (Sarcophilus harrisii), but IR (infra-red) night vision video was limited to poor quality black & white. What else could I do to help the Tasmanian tiger but write ... More from this site

Sugar Gliders at Deep Creek Lake (sharing our geothermal home with Marsupials from Australia).
Tasmanian devils! Sugar gliders are so named for their preference for sweet foods and their ability to ...

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Frog & Toad
Tasmanian devils and pet dogs! Since they lay more than 50,000 eggs at a time, they ...

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian devils travel long distances each night in their pursuit of food, sometimes covering as much as 10 miles (16 kilometers). As carnivorous marsupials, Tasmanian devils are basically ... with their stocky bodies and large heads, Tasmanian devils look slow and awkward in their movements, but they are the top carnivore in Tasmania. Tasmanian devils maintain home ranges in the wild ... More from this site

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