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ETI BioInformatics - Linnaeus II in detail
Species and Higher Taxa. The Species module contains text and multimedia information on species within your taxonomic group: descriptions, synonyms, common (vernacular) names, taxonomic ... and other contributors. The Introduction contains general and introductory material on the taxonomic group. The Glossary holds definitions for technical terms used in the ...

ETI BioInformatics - World Taxonomist Database
World Taxonomist Database. You can search for a person, an institute, a specific country, a taxonomic group, or for a combination of these criteria if you need to narrow down your search ... Vanuatu Venezuela Viet Nam Yemen Yugoslavia Zimbabwe Specialization Enter a keyword that best describes your group of interest, either a vernacular or (preferably) a scientific name. You may also enter part ... More from this site

NatureServe: Animal Data for Download
This includes information for all vertebrate species native to the United ...

NatureServe: Plant Data for Download: Invasive Species Assessment Protocol
United States and Canada from our central databases. Searches can be conducted by species name, taxonomic group, distribution, conservation status, and invasive species status (for plants not native to the United States ... More from this site

Fish and Wildlife Service
Last updated: June 2, 2008 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Home ...

Marine Ecology Department IO PAS
There are two main directions of our activity. The first direction are the coastal studies ...

2007 IUCN Red List – Summary Statistics for Globally Threatened Species
Red List Category in each taxonomic class Table 4a - Number of species in each Red List Category in each major animal taxonomic group (Class, Order) Table 4b - Number of species in each Red List Category in each major plant taxonomic group (Class, Family) Table 5 - Number of threatened species in each major group of ...

IUCN/SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG)/IUCN Invasive Species Guidelines & GISP
Facilitation/Implementation of the Initiative The Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) will undertake the facilitation of this Islands Cooperative Initiative, with support ... relevant to invasive alien species on islands, including practitioners, field-projects, researchers, taxonomic and/or methodological expertise and logistics sourcing; Encourage and assist the recording ...

Iguana Specialist Group (formerly the West Indian Iguana Specialist Group)
Taxonomic Accounts Chapter Three: Action Plan West Indian Iguanas: Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan Compiled and edited by Allison Alberts IUCN/SSC West Indian Iguana Specialist Group ...

Iguana Specialist Group (formerly the West Indian Iguana Specialist Group)
Group (formerly the West Indian Iguana Specialist Group) Main ISG Home Action Plan Contents Chapter One: Conservation Strategy Introduction Taxonomic Considerations Biogeographic Considerations Socioeconomic ... . Iguana Populations Overview-Current Threats Conservation Measures Chapter Two: Taxonomic Accounts Chapter Three: Action Plan Taxonomic Considerations By Jack W. Sites, Jr. Several ... More from this site

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