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Key to the lichen genera of the Guianas
Thallus branches with central cavity 3 b Thallus branches solid, with arachnoid or more compact central tissue 8 3a Thallus surface glossy, pale brown to brown, ... b Thallus surface smooth, with thin cortex Cladonia 8a Thallus branches with tough central stand, which becomes visible between the breaking outer layer by moderate tension Usnea b Thallus branches without ...

Key to the Cladoniaceae of the Guianas
GENERA OF CLADONIACEAE 1a Primary thallus squamulose to foliose; podetia squamulose or not Cladonia 1b Primary thallus absent or crustose; podetia ... , or with squamules 28 11a Thallus with yellowish tinge, containing usnic acid 12 11b Thallus whitish-grey to brown, without ... 25a Stereome replaced by a layer of incompletely conglutinated hyphae; branches not over 0.4 mm wide lower down in the ... More from this site

When small the thallus is a hollow sphere, when larger the sphere ... in deeper waters. Trichogloea requienii Description: slippery round gooey branches. Branches 3-6mm in diameter and height varies from 5 ... the branches of corals. Order Ceramiales Acanthophora spicifera Description: 1-3mm solid cylindrical branches. Covered with many distinctive small spine-like branches. ...

Marine Plants of Hawai'i -- Siphoncladales
"Green Bubble Alga" due to the large round cells. When small the thallus is a hollow sphere, when larger the sphere may burst becoming ... japonicum is a single flattened blade consisting of a meshwork of fine connecting branches. It is grass-green in color. Size: from 1 to 6cm ... intertidal areas of rocky coastlines, on flat reefs, and in between the branches of corals at deeper depths. Last update: ... More from this site

Kappaphycus alvarezii
Frequently and irregularly branched, most branches primary, secondary branches intercalated between primary branches or ... cells potentially high in regenerative capabilities that are able to regenerate a new thallus after breaking off. A broken tip can grow into full-sized thalli in ...

Gracilaria tikvahiae  McLachlan 1987
Herbarium sheets of Gracilaria tikvahiae showing morphological variations. Description Thallus 12-15 cm tall, comprised of finely branched clumps, irregularly branched, 1mm wide ... highly variable. Plants grown commercially are often completely dichotomously branched with axes and branches of nearly the same diameter throughout. Cultured plants are often very dark ... More from this site

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