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Solar Thermal Mass
Solar Thermal Mass Passive Solar Design - Thermal Mass Energy Efficiency Tips Sun Tempered Home Design Adobe Thermal Mass Straw Bale Solar Stills Solar Cooking Solar Food Drying Solar Hot Water Solar Pool Heating ... also add thermal mass, usually starting with floor mass and then walls. An additional 1 sq. ft. of south glass may be added for every: 5.5 sq. ft. of sunlit thermal mass floor * 40 ...

Sourcebook Passive Solar Guidelines3
Thermal MassWall Thermal mass indirect gain walls can be made to function similarly except that the mass wall should be insulated on the inside when performing this function. Figure 6 Thermal Chimney Thermal ...

Sourcebook Earth Guidelines
Wall height-to-thickness ratio must be adequate for stability *. Because thermal mass equates to insulation in ... conditions, earth materials do have good thermal mass characteristics. Wall thickness of from 12 to 14 inches are generally considered optimum for thermal mass performance. Double wall construction can greatly ... More from this site

Eugene Permaculture Guild - Eugene Oregon
Building: Heat: from solar design, wood/masonry stove, stored via thermal mass Cooling: shade trees, external window shade, cross ventilation Water: municipal water, roof runoff, stream ... opportunities. Building: Difficult to remove rocks on the site incorporated into the building for thermal mass and aesthetics Get a yield Get some immediate returns from your efforts. "You can ...

EP - "Redcone" project
Is overlying limestone strata with low nutrient levels, with the bio-mass predominantly held in the vegetation. The building site chosen was on the northem fringe of ... of steps into the ground and has stone perimeter walls and concrete floor to maximise thermal mass. All other walls are insulated framed and steel clad. Extensive recycling includes the use of ...

Sourcebook: Solar Hot Water, Heating and Cooling Systems
The pipes need to be well insulated. Mixing valves or thermal shutoff devices should be employed to protect from excessively high temperatures ... collector can overheat a home that does not have extra thermal mass to absorb the heat. 4.0 Active Solar Space Cooling ... , CA 95482-5576 (800) 762-7325 complete systems Thermal Conversion Technology P. O. Box 3887 Sarasota, FL 34230-3887 ( ...

Earth Materials-Sustainable Building Sourcebook
Some stone and brick makes an ideal flooring or exterior paving material, cool in summer and possessing good thermal properties ... . PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE: Stone and brick construction are considered desirable, although their use for interior thermal mass is not common in our area. Rammed earth and caliche block are little known, ... More from this site

rammed earth building
CO2 emissions: ... building, or be re-absorbed into the environment easily. high thermal mass: walls can absorb the sun’s warmth during the day, ... walls would be better. This way you benefit from the thermal mass of the internal walls, and the insulation of the outer walls ...

Checklist for Good Design
Even more important, unwanted solar gain is uncomfortable. Addition of thermal mass. Adding thermal mass—tiled or paved concrete slab, masonry walls, brick fireplaces, tile floors, etc.—can ... keeping rooms cooler in summer. In a passive solar system, properly sized and located thermal mass is essential. Interior design for easy air distribution. If the rooms in a house ...

Passive Solar Buildings
The goal in passive solar building is the optimal balance of mass, glass, and insulation for a particular site and ... ventilation system; an air to air heat exchanger recovers the heat in exhausted ventilation air. Thermal Mass Thermal mass inside a building moderates temperature swings by storing heat when the sun is shining ... More from this site

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