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EIA - Tiger Bone Wine
EIA - Tiger Bone Wine

Save The Tiger Fund | CATT Index
Year China banned trade in tiger-bone medicines: 1993 Number units of tiger-bone medicines traded annually before ban: >27 million Price buyers willing to pay for tiger pelt in China: $10,000 ... largest tiger population: $524 Number of tiger skins seized since 1999: ~260 Number of kilograms of tiger bone seized in illegal trade since 2000: ~566 Average number of kilograms of bone per tiger (minus ...

Save The Tiger Fund | Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners
Give Site Map NFWF Grants CATT Tiger Mosaic CATT Index TCM Key Messages FAQ CATT Alerts Tiger Farming Trade Reports Facts and Fallacies CATT Art International Tiger Coalition Priority Areas Evaluation Home InitiativesCATT ... †a petition¬†for TCM specialists worldwide¬†to sign in support of developing TCM free of tiger bone. Completed forms will be presented as a "gift" to China's Green Olympics in the ... More from this site

The South Chinese Tiger -- Panthera tigris amoyensis
Subspecies Description | 6: Weight & Length Figures | 7: Conservation The original tiger form: It is believed that the South Chinese tiger is the original form from which all other subspecies developed. Tigers ... played a huge part in China's arts, painting, and superstition. Tiger bone wine is a favoured drink in China and tiger organs have been used for centuries in Chinese folk medicines; to ...

WWF - Sumatran tiger - Threats
TRAFFIC reports that tiger poaching has not declined significantly over the past decade. In fact, tiger bone and other tiger parts are reportedly still smuggled out of Sumatra. Traders report that tiger ...

WWF - Skin is the most valued part of a tiger from Sumatra
Amur (Siberian) tiger Sumatran tiger Ecology & Habitat Population & Distribution Threats Trade in tiger parts Poaching Poacher's story Trade Medicinal use Bengal tiger Malayan tiger Skin is the most valued part of a tiger from Sumatra Tiger bone ... More from this site

Poll shows majority of Chinese public supports ban on tiger trade
Meanwhile, tiger experts fear that reopening trade in tiger products from any sourcewill cause a disastrous increase in poaching of ... to lift the ban are businessmen who stand to make millions of dollars from selling tiger-bone wine. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) decided in June that tigers ...

Hidden tiger, crouching dragon
Project Tiger and took tough steps to bring the tiger back from the brink. There were believed ... that the pressure being put by Chinese tiger-farm investors to re-open the tiger bone trade in China is quashed. There is no ... of Parties), it is crucial that India, as the most important tiger range state, joins the international community and traditional Chinese medicine ... More from this site

Project Tiger in India,Project Tiger Reserves,Project Tiger Reserves in India
Tiger Reserves: Legend & Lore: In India tiger skins were & are still valued by black magicians as a seat during meditation. In China, various parts of tiger's body, from its collar bone ...

The Balinese Tiger
Subspecies Description | 3: Weight & Length Figures Bali tiger description: This tiger was the smallest of all the subspecies. ... tiger skull shown on this page can be identified due to differences in the teeth and nasal bone which distinguish it from the other subspecies. Photographic records of the Bali tiger ... wrist." Museum specimens of the Bali tiger: The Balinese tiger was a rarity in the wild. ...

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