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Endangered Species - Spot-Tailed Quolls (Tiger Quolls)
Species - Spot-Tailed Quolls (Tiger Quolls) Spot-Tailed Quolls (Tiger Quolls) The Spot-tailed Quoll, or Tiger Quoll, is Australia's largest carnivorous marsupial, growing up to a metre long and with some ... threat is to increase 1080 baiting for foxes in and around known Quoll habitats, which of course, will kill the Quoll, who is particularly suseptible to 1080 posion. HOME - ABOUT GECO - FOREST ...

Colong Foundation for Wilderness
Mr Muir said. Environment Minister introduces Quoll and Dingo extinction program Tuesday 24 Aug 2004 The decision announced this morning by ... Koscisuzko National Park will help make the Tiger Quoll and Dingo become extinct. "We need carefully thought through wild dog management that protects Dingoes and Tiger Quolls; not this knee jerk extinction ...

Media Releases
Yellow-bellied Glider, Rufous Bettong and Tiger Quoll. These species require large contiguous habitat area for their long-term survival,” he said. “ ... in Kosciuszko National Park is a reckless action that will place endangered dingo and quoll populations at risk”, said Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness. “Instead ... More from this site

Biodiversity publications
Feral pig management plan Flinders Island, Tasmania Impact of fox baiting on Tiger Quoll populations, project ID: 00016505 - final report Improving the development of effective and humane trapping systems ...

Publications and resources
Grey-headed Flying Fox - November 2003 3.3 Spectacled Flying Fox - November 2003 3.4 Tiger Quoll - May 2004 3.5 White Box - Yellow Box - Blakely's Red Gum Grassy Woodlands and ... More from this site

Goongerah and Yalmy Old Growth Forest blockades
"These forests are home to many endangered and threatened species including the Tiger Quoll and the Powerful Owl." Treesit in a Melbourne roundabout Protesters take action to the city ...

Boycott Woodchipping Campaign Manual - Case for Plantations
Tiger quoll, Greater broad-nosed bat, Marbled frogmouth and Sooty owl. This area has now been logged ...

Central Highlands are home to the nationally endangered Leadbeaters Possum, Spotted Tree Frog, Sooty Owl, Tiger Quoll, Powerful Owl as well as rare vegetation types. Broadleaved virgin fibre input into Australian Paper ... More from this site

Spot-tailed Quoll
Jill Redwood is right. What to do? The fact is that the spot-tailed quoll ... Government immediately exclude logging from all Quoll habitat areas, halt baiting from all quoll habitat and surrounding areas, and undertake ... Spot-tailed Quoll back to GEEG home page Ref: The Age, July 7, 2001, 'Review could spell end for tiger quoll' Complete ...

DPIW - Spotted-tail Quoll
Wildlife of Tasmania > Mammals > Carnivorous Marsupials and Bandicoots > Spotted-tail Quoll Spotted-tail QuollDescriptionThe spotted-tailed quoll (Dasyurus maculatus - or tiger cat as it was once inappropriately known) is ... ears of the spotted-tailed quoll are comparatively smaller than those of fellow marsupial the eastern quoll. Also, the spotted-tailed quoll is physically strong in appearance, ...

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