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Eugene Weekly : Movies : 12.02.04
Bai Ling. PG. Movies 12. Online archives. Spider Man 2: Peter Parker aka Spidey (Tobey Maguire) returns as a college student by day who still loves Kirsten Dunst and a superhero ... , and Colin Firth is an old friend. All three give excellent performances, especially Zellwegger. Sharon Maguire's directorial debut. Script by Helen Fielding, Andrew Davies and Richard Curtis. Funnier on second ...

Eugene Weekly : Movies : 07.08.04
Murawski. Visual effects designer, John Dykstra. Costumes, James Acheson, Gary Jones. Music, Danny Elfman. Starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, with James Franco, Alfred Molina and Rosemary Harris. With Donna Murphy, ... Watson. I would have liked a photo of Tobey Maguire as well, because if Dunst is the heart of the film, he's the soul. Maguire brings a sensitive, inward-looking thoughtfulness ... More from this site

Friends of Animals | Cheers and Jeers | Summer 2007
On the Internet at To actor Tobey Maguire, whose third Spider-Man film has just been released. Maguire has made a public commitment to avoid leather -- ordering a ... recent interview with Parade magazine, Maguire, who eats no eggs, cheese, milk or meat, describes a transition in progress to a fully vegan lifestyle. Contact Tobey Maguire c/o Creative Artists Agency 9830 ...

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Tom Lennon, Jarrett Leto, Jared USA Louis-Dreyfus, Julia ?? USA Love, Willamina Lumley, Joanna ?? UK Maguire, Tobey Marcil, Vanessa Martin, Steve ?? USA Martin, Ty Mathis, Samantha McClanahan, Rue ?? USA Mckellen, Sir Ian ...

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