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Cat Breeds, Types, Variants and Hybrids
Sepia/Mink/Pointed; colors being Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Cream, Black-Tortie, Blue-Tortie, Chocolate-Tortie and Lilac-Tortie. See also: Burmalayan, Himbur, Iranese, Layanese, Mink Longhair, Mink Persian, Silkanese, ... in Turkey and are being recognized e.g. black/white van, brown/ebony-tabby/white van, black tortie agouti/white van, black tortie/white van. Eyes may be blue, light amber or ...

Cat Colours and Patterns - Plain English Version
Tortie-and-White Tortie patterns occur with white e.g. Tortoiseshell & White (Calico), Dilute Tortoiseshell & White (Dilute Calico/Blue-Cream and White), Chocolate (Chestnut) Tortie and White (Choc-Cream & White/Chestnut Calico), Lilac (Lavender) Tortie & White (Lilac-Cream & White ... More from this site

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