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Controversy Over Baxter Park Logging Plan
SFMA to allow loggers to access the area. The Wadleigh Brook logging road was extended to within one-quarter mile of where the Tote Road crosses Trout Brook, thus providing the opportunity to carry out roadside harvesting there. The project would be limited at this point to 1,100 feet of the Tote Road ...

New Baxter Park Trustees Face Challenges and Opportunities
Authority consider closing a portion of the main tote road in order to maintain and enhance the park’s wilderness ... ban snowmobiles. The machines are allowed only on the main tote road that runs along the western park border between the Togue ... Holly Dominie’s suggestion of removing a section of the main tote road to deal with use and traffic pressures comes from that proposal ... More from this site

Drinking Water & Wastewater Treatment Teaching Models, Water Education, Water Pollution, Teaching Pollution & Prevention
Drinking Water & Wastewater landscape top (topographical map), clear base, Groundwater well containers, road sets, city buildings, factory, water tower, drinking water treatment plant cover, wastewater treatment plant ... of purchasing the New & Improved DELUXE Carrying Case on Wheels or the black nylon Tote/Shoulder Bag for ease in transporting the unit, but they are not required. NEW! ...

Events News & Events Companies Careers Links Home > Member Companies ACG TECHNOLOGY LTD. Address: 131 Whitmore Road, Unit 13 Woodbridge ON L4L 6E4 Phone: 905-856-1414 Fax: 905-856-6401 WWW ... and sales and rental of flow meters. Principals or Trade Names Represented: Marsh-McBirney, Flo-Tote, Flo-Dar, Flo-Mate, Multi-Mag, Phoenix Process Equipment Co., Hydro International, Duperon Corporation, Redox ...

Save the Dunes
INDIANA DUNES! Books, Cards, Ceramics & Jewelry, Rocks & Minerals, Toys & Children's Books, T-Shirts and Tote Bag, Puppets and our own handcrafted Firestarters Location: The shop is located at #92 U ... above!

Marketplace Profile: Recycling Services, Inc.
Act 101 was enacted and started many communities on the road to recycling, RSI would be literally inundated with 300, 400, or 500 cars a day ... ; "Common Thread" which takes worn out denim clothing, collected at RSI, and makes rugs, aprons, tote bags, etc., with it. The trimmings are used to make tags for the items. Soon ...

EcoNews, Serving the Vision of a Sustainable Vancouver Island
PayPal: $ (Donations in Canadian Dollars.) Contact Econews Guy Dauncey, Editor 395 Conway Road, Victoria, BC CANADA V9E 2B9 Tel (250) 881-1304 Executive director of ... salmon, huckleberry jellies and cedar soap, hemp T-shirts and tote-bags, videos, and kids books. The Raincoast Gallery at 2240 Harbour Road, Sidney, serving the dreams of the Great Bear Rainforest ...

Ferret News #61 - Travelling With Ferrets
And Automobiles Ferrets generally do well on road trips. We've been up and down the East Coast with ... treat heatstroke in ferrets By Mary R. Shefferman Issue #26: 3000 Mile Road Trip ... With Ferrets By Eric Shefferman Further Reading: Ferret News ... ! In Red ... See the other great ferret gift items -- mugs and tote bags! Get your Mother's Day gift at FerretDesigns! May ...

Modern Ferret News #29 - Ferret Stress Reduction, Part 2
EMAIL*! ======================================================    --------------------------------------------------- Get your very own ferret T-shirt! Or a ferret mug, tote bag, or mousepad. Or a clock, frosted mug, or flying disk! From now until ... he is well. This may take time. This can help prevent stress down the road if you need to change your ferret's food or if you need to ... More from this site

A Reawakening for Rail: Cities Get Back on Board
With airlines now in the red and road warriors stuck on jammed and crumbling highways, many are sounding ... $520 million. No such financial epithet applies to petrol-swilling, road-based forms of mobility -- planes, cars, and trucks -- which secure ... trade publication. But why can't freight lines cooperate and tote their railroad peers? Despite such criticism, Amtrak is not yet ...

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