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IISG - Aquaculture Projects
Narrative Report: The goal of this project is to develop an efficient method for introducing foreign DNA into fish embryos to generate transgenic fish. The approach that we are developing relies on the use of cultured cells as a shuttle for introducing the foreign DNA into a fish embryo. ...

IISG - Aquaculture Projects
Catfish Charles R. Santerre Purdue University 03/01/1998 Primordial Germ Cell Cultures for Transgenic Fish Production Paul Collodi Purdue University 03/01/1997 Evaluation of Yellow Perch, Perca flavescens, ... Freshwater Prawns James H. Tidwell Kentucky State University 03/01/1997 Isolation of a Fish Growth Factor Paul Collodi Purdue University 09/01/1995 Yellow Perch Effluent Characterization Jeffrey ...

The Center for Food Safety - Other Resources
Organic Coalition rBGH/Hormones Food Irradiation Sewage Sludge Mad Cow Disease Other Resources Fish farming in open ocean waters a hot topic in Florida (April 30, 2007) ... genetically engineered fish Consumer's Guide to Aquaculture >> Fact Sheet: Aquaculture & Human Health >> Fact Sheet: Open Ocean Aquaculture >> Fact Sheet: Organic Aquaculture: An Alternative? >> Fact Sheet: Transgenic Fish >> Fact ...

The Center for Food Safety - CFS Sues FDA to Regulate Genetically Engineered GloFish
Federal regulation and cannot be sold further without proper approvals. Yorktown Technologies, LLP, of Austin, Texas, began selling the gene-altered fish nationally this ... the need for federal regulation in a 2003 report on transgenic animals that emphasized the risks of genetically engineered fish. The complaint in the lawsuit represents the first-ever legal ... More from this site

Habitat Media, San Rafael, CA
Safety Globalized World Fish Market Impacts on Surrounding Communities Offshore Fish Farms of the Future Population Pressures Pressure on Wild Stocks Transgenic Fish Antibiotics Farm raised fish and ... bear on wild fish include pollution, disease transfer, the introduction of invasive species (escaped fish) and the destruction of marine habitat. [back to top] Transgenic Fish Genetically modified ...

Habitat Media - interview transcript
Fish". Is that a misconception? We are not producing large fish; we're producing fast-growing fish. This is also the case for the people that're involved in the commercial production of transgenic fish ... performance in competition between transgenic and non-transgenic fish and found in most cases that the non-transgenic fish are far superior at spawning than are transgenic fish. So by taking ... More from this site

Genetic Engineering - Ethics
August 2004 Transgenic Fish Coming Prof. Joe Cummins exposes the regulatory vacuum behind the rush for commercial release of transgenic fish Prof. Joe Cummins 14th December 2003 'Pharmageddon' / Risks of Edible Transgenic Vaccines Our ...

Environment News Service (ENS)
Prevent Accidents Air Force Base Exempted from Reporting Rules Restaurants, Grocers Boycott GE Fish Bills Would Help Combat Marine Invasive Species Professor Recognized for Air Pollution ... to Migratory Bird Refuges Federal Funds Help Farmers Through Disasters Connecticut Researcher Promotes Transgenic Fish More Hunting, Fishing Added at Refuges Invasive Hemlock Pest Spreading Westward Website Offers ...

Genetic engineering possess inherent unpredictability
Furthermore, the generation of transgenic plants and animals is currently an imperfect technique. Once injected into the cells of the ... arctic sea flounder has evolved to work together with the other genes/proteins in this fish. It is purely an assumption that it will work in exactly the same way with ...

Why hazardous substances may appear in genetically engineered food
For example genes from bacteria and fish have been inserted into plants. There is no experience at all whether these proteins are ... appear because of genetic engineering The research on genetic engineering and the development of new transgenic organisms has to a very great part been financed by the Biotechnological industry. The policy ... More from this site

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