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Pepper Spray Case in Humboldt County
Out of Babylon ( The second Federal Trial in San Francisco with a new judge took place. The jury was deadlocked and a ... 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which found the original trial Judge Vaughn Walker’s “court’s actions reveal an appearance of an ... retrial before the same judge who wanted the re-trial held in Eureka--bad for the plaintiffs to get a fair trial. The Appeals Court ...

Environment Probe
The judge determined that the Environmental Protection Act required the press ... "in a usual and reasonable fashion" did not influence the trial judge: "If the defendant has caused a nuisance to the plaintiff ... that its operations were reasonable in its particular neighbourhood. The judge responded that other industrial activity in the mixed use ...

Environment Probe
St. George station, right outside his door. The judges also blasted the trial judge for suggesting the 'frog' be removed, saying it was a cavalier idea that could have ... noxious vapours that rendered his home "uncomfortable, unhealthy, unwholesome, and unfit for habitation."(3) The trial judge's instructions to the jury betrayed his greater concern for polluting industries than for their ... More from this site

New York Mesothelioma Lawsuit Proceeds to Trial on Behalf of Jackson, New Jersey Mesothelioma Victim
The New York mesothelioma lawsuit involving Joel Rosenberg is proceeding to trial with a pre-trial conference scheduled before Justice Marcy S. Friedman, Supreme Court, New York County, ... other states the right to have their mesothelioma lawsuit handled in an expedited fashion. The trial judge, Justice Marcy S. Friedman, presided over a similar New York mesothelioma lawsuit in 2002 ...

(5/6/99) Stop Police From Stalling Trial, Judi Bari Lawyer Tells Court
Court Judge Claudia Wilken had ruled that three Oakland officers and six FBI agents cannot claim immunity and must stand trial. Some other officers and agents were dismissed, and the judge also dismissed ... 'fine, you arrest them.'" Cunningham said that since Oakland made a point of saying the trial judge had thrown out the conspiracy claim against the Oakland officers, that gave him the right ...

McLibel Trial Now Longest in British History
To their dismay, the trial judge ruled that the activists had to begin closing arguments on October 21. Coca-cola provides water, part of a balanced diet The primary reason why the trial ... undercover agents distributing the supposedly libelous pamphlet. Whatever the outcome of the trial, activists claim that the trial has backfired on McDonald's. Over 2 million leaflets supposedly have been ... More from this site

District 3 Water Trial - LYTLE WATER SOLUTIONS
Trial Ends First Week February 9, 2006 - Water Experts Testify February 11, 2006 - Water Trial Ends Second Week February 21, 2006 - Judge Questions Length of Water Trial February 25, 2006 - Water Trial ...

EarthRights International - California Judge Denies Oil Giant's Attempts to Dismiss Unlawful Business Practice Suit
Nigeria, will go to trial. Judge McCarthy rejected Chevron's last attempts to dismiss the suit, which alleges violations of California's unfair competition law (UCL). As Judge McCarthy himself noted, the ... also seeking damages in a parallel lawsuit in federal court, which, under Judge Susan Illston, is also proceeding to trial later this year. "Over the past few years, Chevron has filed over ...

EarthRights International - Doe v. Unocal Case History
In that decision, Judge Victoria Chaney held that the case against Unocal should go to trial ... trial, Judge Chaney concluded that the Unocal subsidiaries involved in the Project are not sham entities. On September 14, 2004 Judge Chaney ruled that the plaintiffs are entitled to a trial ... Judge Chaney had set a trial date for June of 2005 for a jury trial on ... More from this site

"Judge says Gunns capitulated on some claims but will allow others to proceed" 3 April 2007 | Friends of Forests and Free Speech
Events and Fundraising Events Support and Donations Site Administration Home "Judge says Gunns capitulated on some claims but will allow others ... case against Doctors for Native Forests is all ready over. The Judge stated that the dropping of the claims against these defendants ... in Version 4 would be heard in one trial or multiple trials. The Judge has essentially left this decision to later in the ...

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