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Amphibian Articles - Amphibian Foods and Feeding Tips
Blood Worms (Chironomidae): Blood worms are often confused or mistaken for tubifex worms (see below for tubifex worms), but are actually not a worm at all. Blood Worms are the ... Springtails: coming soon.... Tubifex Worms (Tubificidae): Like their relatives the earthworms, Tubifex worms are of the class Oligochaeta, and feed on decaying organic matter within their substrate. Tubifex differ from ...

Amphibian Articles - Water Quality for Amphibians
Keep in mind, however, that collected pond water can introduce harmful microbes, parasites, bacteria, or ... More from this site

Tapaboy Gallery of Newts
A Chinese Firebelly ("Spiney Guy") and a Pacific or California Newt compete for some yummy tubifex worms. I'm Gumby, Dammit! A Pacific or California Newt leaps off a large garnet corundum ...

HerpCare - Herptile Care Sheets - Tiger Salamander
Repto-min, and I couldn't wait to get her started on freeze-dried tubifex worms. I fed her however much she could eat daily, mixing the two foods. Every once ... More from this site

Pond educational resource pack - animal variety
CORNWALL Animal variety A typical pond is home to an amazing variety of snails, worms, freshwater shrimps, water spiders, water bugs and water beetles, all of which spend their ... or otherwise of eutrophication (overfeeding of the water with nutrients). Bloodworms (chironomid larvae), sludge worms (Tubifex) and rat-tailed maggots (drone-fly larvae) have adaptations which allow them to breathe ...

GLERL/Sea Grant: Great Lakes Water Life Photo Gallery - Benthos
W E T. superiorensis G M T. tubifex P WN SMHEO Varichaetadrilus sp. V. angustipenis SH Polychaeta (paddlefoot worms) Subclass Scolecida Aeolosomatidae XRN SM Aeolosoma spp. R ... - Homepage of David Frederick Oetinger Isopod - Lirceus lineatus La biologie en Normandie Oligochaeta - Tubifex Maryland Sea Grant Entoprocts Micrographia Hydracarina Freshwater hydra Sun Animalcules and Amoebas by ...

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