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NMPIF Grassland 1
Hobbs and Roswell in the Pecos Valley; Carrizozo, and White Sands Missile Range in the Tularosa Basin; and San Acacia in the Middle Rio Grande Valley. It occurs north to Hillsboro (excluding ... areas in southern New Mexico. Management for this species may be most appropriate in the Tularosa Basin. During migration and in winter, these grasslands are used by large numbers of birds, particularly ...

NMPIF Shrublands 1
Lea County. In the Pecos Valley, it extends north to Roswell; in the Tularosa Basin north to White Sands Missile Range and to San Acacia in the Middle Rio Grande ... . Patches of this habitat may be leased to oil and gas companies. Habitat in the Tularosa Basin is primarily located on military lands. In the Rio Grande Valley, most of this habitat ... More from this site

Bicycle Fixation: Of Love and Lawns
Yahoo!!!!!! What beautiful place. I still feel the warmth and beauty of the Tularosa basin if I sit and think. Or go back and visit. What a coincidence (or is ...

S. Route 50. 134, Autumn 1988 Lake Tahoe. 38-47, Summer 1988 Carson City; Great Basin NP. 10; 41-51, Autumn 1987 Death Valley. 55-63, Autumn 1986 Virginia City. 91 ... ./Oct. 1989 Native American sites. 44-61, May/June 1989 Cimarron. 112, Mar./Apr. 1989 Tularosa Basin. 68-80, Winter 1988/89 Columbus. 13-14, Spring 1988 Zuni Church; Santa Fe. 8 ...