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Dear Sir, I have been reading with great interest the controversy surrounding the recent opening of the dolphin project in Antigua.However, the one question that no one seems to ... the dolphin mortality problem that has existed for decades in the tuna fishery in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, where dolphins swimming above the tuna are encircled by nets along with the tuna and ...

Agricultural crisis (2001) C Carpenter, Betsy What Price Dolphin? Scientists are reckoning the true cost of sparing an endearing mammal (1994; PDF format) Casey ... Things Animals Can't Do (2000) The Illogic of Animal Rights (1995) Scott, Michael The tuna-dolphin controversy (1998) Shepherd, Jim One to Watch at The Sierra Club (2003) Sizemore, Bill PETA's ...

Threatened and Endangered Species -
Controversy There is great controversy surrounding the endangered species list related ... critically endangered list are the coelacanth, southern bluefin tuna, hawksbill and leatherback turtles. Marine endangered animals include ... depleted are the North Atlantic Coastal bottlenose dolphin, the Eastern spinner dolphin, North Pacific fur seal, the ...

Grazers and Predators -
There has been much controversy surrounding the accuracy of these illustrations. The basic concept of ... Giant Squid Orca (Killer Whale) Colossal Squid Jumbo Squid Bottlenose Dolphin Blue Whale What's New @ MarineBio » 06/08 - Global ... climate change for real? NASA website says yes! » Bluefin tuna finally extinct: "Well worth it," say sushi fans » Caribbean ... More from this site

Stock List :: Phillip Colla Natural History Photography
Dolphin (53) Dolphin Anatomy (39) Dolphin Blowhole (2) Dolphin Dorsal Fin (7) Dolphin Injury / Scarring (37) Dolphin Behavior (75) Dolphin Blow / Spout (5) Dolphin Bow-riding (12) Dolphin Feeding (3) Dolphin Jumping / Leaping (48) Dolphin Play (4) Dolphin Socialization (5) Dolphin Spyhopping (3) Dolphin ... ) (42) Triggerfish (Balistidae) (8) Tuna (Scombridae) (19) Unicornfish ( ... Seal Controversy (229) ...

CSI Whales Alive! Index
Alive! Vol. X No. 4 October 2001 IWC 2001 Tuna/Dolphin Update 1102 Is Dead Whales And War News Items Book Review Franciscana Dolphin: A Threatened Species? JOHN C. LILLY CSI Information And ... the follow-up in the July 1996 Whales Alive!: Freedom, Justice, and Sabotage ATOC: The Controversy Continues CSI News Howard E. Winn, 1926-1995 CSI Information And Membership Whales Alive! Vol ...

CSI: Cetacean Issues
Tuna/Dolphin Update January 2003: Setback For Dolphin-Safe Tuna April 2002: Tuna-Dolphin Update October 2001: Tuna/Dolphin Update July 2000: Update on Tuna/Dolphin April 2000: Tuna/Dolphin Update January 2000: Tuna/Dolphin: New Challenges and Changes July 1999: Tuna-Dolphin Update April 1999: Tuna Dolphin ... Dead Whales October 1995: ATOC: The Controversy Continues The Natural Resources Defense ... More from this site

The Tuna-Dolphin Controversy
Tuna-Dolphin Controversy By Michael Scott, senior scientist with the Dolphin Programme of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission August , 1998 For more than 25 years, the tuna-dolphin controversy ...

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