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EU To Ban Med Bluefin Tuna Fishing From Next Week
EU To Ban Med Bluefin Tuna Fishing From Next Week HOME COLLECTION EDUCATION IMAGE GALLERY SOUTH FLORIDA ORGANIZATIONS MEETINGS STAFF SHARK TROPICAL ... To Ban Med Bluefin Tuna Fishing From Next Week June 13, 2008 Release from: Jeremy Smith Reuters BRUSSELS - EU fisheries regulators have banned trawling from next week for bluefin tuna in the eastern ...

Bush Reduces Dolphin Protection to Increase Tuna Harvest
Under the initial label criteria, tuna harvested in the Eastern Tropical Pacific could be labeled "dolphin safe" only if no nets were intentionally set on dolphins during the fishing ... predominant tuna fishing methods in the region involved encircling schools of dolphins with fishing nets to trap the tuna concentrated below. Hundreds of thousands of dolphins died because of this fishing ...

A list of interesting fishing cites
Fishing Page The Ultimate Fishing Notebook -Oklahoma OUTER BANKS FISHING Outdoors Naturally -- Fishing Pacific Salmon Charters Panama fishing guide Sportfishing charters tarpon fishing, snook fishing, peacock bass fishing, marlin fishing, tuna fishing Fly fishing Deep sea fishing ...

EJF: Tuna - A feast for pirate fishers
Atlantic. In the following pages we explore what is being done by ICCAT, the international organisation responsible for managing Atlantic tuna fishing, to combat the fish pirates. We also take a look "beyond the tin", at what exactly "tuna" is, where it lives, how ...

EJF: How was your tuna caught?
Tuna fishing is no exception to this rule. Longlines, for instance, can catch sharks, rays, ... fishing: Background Impacts of IUU Fishing How pirate fishing happens Illegal Driftnetting in the Mediterranean What are tuna? Are tuna stocks being overfished? Tuna - a feast for pirate fishers ICCAT's fight against the tuna ... More from this site

As well as all farmed bluefin tuna. Line or troll caught tuna are `dolphin friendly' fishing methods. WWF suggests a sustainable recovery plan, which includes a reduction in tuna fishing and farming capacity. It also calls for improvements in law enforcement and reporting of catches. In 2004, the EU banned the import of tuna from countries whose fishing ...

tuna | Greenpeace UK
"John West must stop selling tuna caught in this way. And, if the whole fishing industry is going to be truly ... attempt to make tuna fishing look like a quaint cottage industry, but the truth is that the tuna trade is all about big business. PDF 2: Tinned Tuna's Hidden Catch Tags: tuna, sustainable seafood ...

Fishing and Fish animation and Games
Combat-Fishing Stuff Here! ANIMATION Bass taking a popping plug (animated gif) Snake catching a shiner(animated gif) Living Stream (animated gif) Bass taking a popping plug (.avi movie) Tuna taking ... Baitfish (animated gif) Two Marlin Massacre a School of Baitfish (.AVI MOVIE!) Get your Combat-Fishing Stuff Here!

SoundNet - Ocean Crisis Caused by Destructive Fishing
Longline fishing in all the world's deep oceans kills some 40,000 sea turtles each ... Feature Stories - Getting Ready For Your Next Fishing Trip
I'm sorting through all the thousands of fishing photos I accumulate all season and keeping fishing videos playing on the TV in the background, jumping every time the clicker sounds off on a fishing ... always wanted to try. Drool at the pictures of big tuna and dorado. Imagine the warmth of hot sand under ...

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