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Tyrone Hayes, Biologist Information, Facts, News, Photos -- National Geographic
Explorer Tyrone Hayes (Grades 9-12) The Story of Syngenta and Tyrone Hayes at UC Berkeley: The Price of Research Inside the Lab and Out in the Field: A Profile of Frog Researcher Dr. Tyrone Hayes For the Love of Frogs: Featuring Dr. Tyrone Hayes Project ...

Exploratorium: Frogs: Inside the lab and out in the field / page 1 of 6
Dr. Tyrone Hayes Dr. Tyrone Hayes talks about his fascination with frogs, which dates back to his early childhood. [Need help?] Story by Mary K. Miller s a young boy, Tyrone Hayes loved bugs and ... study subjects, scientists can easily see how these chemicals affect every stage of development. Dr. Hayes discusses the advantages of frogs as research subjects in a laboratory setting. [Need help?] ...

Exploratorium: Frogs: Inside the lab and out in the field / Shimba Tribe of East Africa
Exploratorium: Frogs: Inside the lab and out in the field / Shimba Tribe of East Africa Dr. Tyrone Hayes and colleagues pose with villagers of the Shimba tribe of East Africa. More from this site

National Geographic Site Index: Adventure and Exploration
Biologist Spencer Wells, Geneticist, Anthropologist Tierney Thys, Marine Biologist, Filmmaker Tim Samaras, Severe Storms Researcher Tyrone Hayes, Biologist, Herpetologist Zeb Hogan, Ecologist, Photographer Zeray Alemseged, Paleontologist National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Johan ...

Africa Malaria Day 2007 | Pesticide Action Network North America
Environmental Human Rights; Shawna Larson, Indigenous Environmental Network/Alaska Community Action on Toxics; Dr. Tyrone Hayes, University of California, Berkeley; Michele Roberts, environmental justice policy expert; Kristin Schafer, Pesticide Action Network ...

atrazine and the threat to frogs
TYRONE HAYES, KELLY HASTON, MABLE TSUI, ANHTHU HOANG, CATHRYN HAEFFELE & AARON VONK ... ------------------ References 1. US Environmental Protection Agency. Federal Register 59, 60412-60443 (1994). 2. Akingbemi, B. T. & Hardy, M. P. Ann. Med. 33, 391-403 (2001). | PubMed | 3. Hayes ...

alex avery on atrazine
The recent study by Tyrone Hayes and colleagues published in Environmental Health Perspectives and soon to be published in Nature, ... play a role in amphibious hermaphroditism, including temperature, parasites, viruses, and other natural factors. "Hayes's latest study is reminiscent of recent peer-reviewed studies that tried to link ... More from this site

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