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Twelfth Session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD XII), held in Accra, Ghana, in April 2008. The declaration specifically addresses the global ... must remove these measures and which nations would benefit from broader market access. (UNCTAD) NGOs US Counterterrorism Developments Impacting Charities (December 2007) US counterterrorism policies have placed ...

What's new on Linkages - Thursday, 24 April 2008
Priorities for Least Developed Countries for Action during and Beyond UNCTAD XII From Declarations to Actions on Commodities: Making the Turning Point at UNCTAD XII World Economic Outlook Summary Report for the Coastal ... in the next two weeks Twelfth Session of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD XII): 20-25 April 2008, Accra, Ghana GEF Council Meeting and NGO Consultation: 21-25 ...

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Japan Africa Forest Law Enforcement and Governance Process (AFLEG) 13-16 October 2003, Yaoundé, Cameroon XII World Forestry Congress 21-28 September 2003, Québec City, Canada South East Asia Forum ... Problems and Solutions to Work Towards Sustainable Development 3-4 September 2001, Tokyo, Japan 5th UNCTAD/Earth Council Policy Forum on Trade and Climate Change (Rio Policy Forum): The State of ... More from this site