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MRDF's MarineLab Underwater Habitat
Underwater Habitat Current Projects MarineLab Education Research Support Facilities Underwater Habitats Our History Donations Program Publications & Projects Officers, Directors and Staff Contact Us ... Engineered and Designed Underwater Studies Apparatus), and provided engineering design and project management experience for several hundred midshippmen over a ten year period. The habitat was developed ...

Basin Issues
Beds Lake Pontchartrain submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV), also call underwater grass beds, constitute the Lake’s most productive underwater habitat. They provide critical shelter and food for juvenile fish ... the lake’s annual multi-million dollar fishing industry. Their value includes: providing habitat for fish and shellfish, preventing coastal erosion by absorbing wave energy, recycling ...

CHAMP - Links - NOAA's Coral Health and Monitoring Program
University of North Carolina at Wilmington (NURC-UNCW) Aquarius: The first underwater habitat from NURC-UNCW Caribbean Marine Research Center at Lee Stocking Island ... pictures Reef Aquarium Pictures Underwater Photography Portfolios (Smithsonian Institution) Dave Forcucci's Gallery of Underwater Images Bill Wood - Marine Photography: International Underwater Picture Library specializing in ...

In the wake of Rita, NURP Aquanauts forge new alliances to save U/W habitat (11/01/05)
U.S. Navy Seabees recently joined efforts to restore and stabilize the underwater habitat Aquarius following the wake of Hurricane Rita, and to prepare the habitat ... Navy Seabee divers from Underwater Construction Teams (UCT) 1 and 2 and NOAA Aquanauts collaborated in the many tasks associated with stabilizing and restoring the underwater habitat in record time. ...

OMI: About Underwater Noise Pollution (UNP)
Underwater Noise Pollution (UNP) Underwater Noise Pollution (UNP) What is UNP? UNP is intense human-generated noise in the marine environment. It is caused by use of explosives, oceanographic experiments, geophysical research, underwater ... ; temporary and permanent hearing loss or impairment; displacement from preferred habitat and disruption of feeding, breeding, nursing, communication, sensing and ...

OMI: Underwater Noise Pollution
Disruption of feeding, breeding, nursing and communication Strandings Death and serious injury from hemorrhaging and tissue trauma 4. Public and scientific concern about underwater ... More from this site

The Oceanic Resource Foundation: Underwater Photography / Marine Conservation
Sea turtle and whale researchers are ... fauna live, all threatened by residential and commercial development. Many agencies are developing habitat suitability models and wetlands studies that will allow then to monitor and protect ...

The Oceanic Resource Foundation: Underwater Photography / Marine Conservation
The Oceanic Resource Foundation: Underwater Photography / Marine Conservation Mitsubishi / ESSA Salt Mining in Mexican Biosphere The Mexican salt company Exportadora ... Ignacio is critical to the survival of the gray whale as a breeding and feeding habitat. The loss of this biosphere has the potential of reversing five decades of cooperation between ... More from this site

National Coalition for Marine Conservation -- dedicated exclusively to conserving ocean fish, preventing overfishing, reducing fish bycatch and protecting marine habitat
"Billfish: A Challenge for Survival." FOR SALE! Bill Boyce underwater photos of sharks, billfish, gamefish and others ACTION ITEMS -- WE NEED YOUR HELP ...

EEK! - Lakes are Great
EEK! - Lakes are Great . Lakes are Great Learn about Wisconsin lakes... What makes a lake? Wonderful, wacky, water critters Lake wildlife Build an underwater scope Water critter key Lake Superior .

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