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Definition Source: A Land Use and Land Cover Classification System for Use with Remote Sensing Data Urban Categories: ... more than an acre, on the periphery of urban expansion. Rural residential developments and developments along transportation routes extending outward from urban areas also are included. This does not include commercial ...

Chart - Per cap. Annual Income of Urban and Rural Households
Form Feedback What others say Data - Urbanization Per capita income of urban and rural households in China, 1978 - 1997 This chart partly explains the attraction of ... in rural areas, incomes in urban areas have increased even more. The gap between urban and rural income has remained almost unchanged. While the ratio of average per capita income between rural and urban households ...

Protected areas review > Thailand >
Thailand into one of Asia’s boom economies, the population shift from rural to urban areas relieved some of the pressure on the country’s remaining forests. Governance Although ... on Biological Diversity (CBD) Water resource management and protected areas Forested watersheds and natural wetlands within protected areas are extremely important in the effective management of national water resources ...

Urban Areas
Urban Areas Urban Areas The image of dryland regions as rural and agrarian is incomplete. Many of the world's largest cities are located in drylands. These urban areas are centers of commerce, manufacturing, ... the largest and most important dryland cities. The satellite image above shows Beijing's urban core (gray) and surrounding cultivation and land cover (dark red). Other major dryland cities ...

Urban Rainwater Harvesting Efforts
One of the solutions to the urban water crisis is rainwater harvesting - capturing the runoff. Water harvesting system ... Practices SEE ALSO No water Water war Look up!

The Urban Water Management Initiative
Result? Depleted aquifers and rivers. Parched urban tanks and lakes. Urban water management is in shambles. And the problem shows no ... very successfully. Find out for yourself. More about Practices Projects Technology Urban Initiative n Practices n Model Project n Legislation n In your ... water Water war Look up! How to harvest n In rural areas In urban areas Jal yodhas Way ahead ... More from this site

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory : Conservation : Urban Landscapes
As part of our ongoing work in this arena, we have compiled a bibliography containing references to scientific and popular articles on birds in urban areas. This bibliography should be useful to researchers and managers working on urban wildlife, especially birds. The most recent version (April ...

GDRC: The Urban Sphere
Urban ...

Urban People : Initiatives Thus Far
Urban People : Initiatives Thus Far Urban water harvesting in India is still in its youth. There ... to make this concept popular. They, the Harvesters, can be found in most urban centres in India Experience is the best teacher There are no limits to ... Urban w Database w Harvesters w Innovators w Petitioners n Rural SEE ALSO No water Water war Look up! How to harvest n In rural areas n In urban areas ...

Urban Petitioners : Leading the Campaign Forward
A greater number of concerned citizens are ... the courts to stop the mindless destruction of urban wetlands. A large number of public interest petitions (PILs ... urban wetlands People Urban w Database Petitioners Dossier w Harvesters w Innovators n Rural SEE ALSO No water Water war Look up! How to harvest n In rural areas n In urban areas ... More from this site

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