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Fuel Cells 2000 : Information Resources : Fuel Cell Developers
USA (PEM) Intelligent Energy, Leicestershire, UK (PEM) Jadoo Power - California, USA (PEM) Japan Automobile Research Institute, Inc., JAPAN (PEM) Lynntech, Inc., Texas, USA (PEM) Manhattan Scientifics Inc., New Mexico, USA (PEM) Materials and Electrochemical Research Corporation, Arizona, USA (PEM ...

EERE News: Multimedia
Text version How Fuel Cells Work Shows how a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell works (PEM fuel cells are the most common type used in light-duty fuel cell vehicles ... of page. EERE Home | U.S.

Shanghai Shen-Li High Tech - Fuel Cell Today
PEM fuel cell technologies (over 300 patents applied in China and USA until 2007) in the ... com Country CHINA Business Interest Distributor/Marketer Primary Technology PEM Secondary Technology Fuel and Infrastructure Geographical Region of interest ... many unique and proprietary PEM fuel cell technologies (over 300 patents applied in China and USA until 2007) in the ...

BP plc - Fuel Cell Today
Country UNITED KINGDOM Business Interest Fuel and Infrastructure Primary Technology PEM Secondary Technology Other Geographical Region of interest Global Organisation Description BP, one of ... “Controlled Hydrogen Fleet & Infrastructure Demonstration and Validation Project” in the USA. Partners Progress Energy, BOC, DaimlerChrysler, Ford and General Motors Fuel Cell Staff 0 ... More from this site

comments on books
I was the principal investigator on a DOE project recently that took power from a PEM fuel cell and sent it into the utility - with my power converter. My power converter ... Operations Specialist Blackwell's Book Services 6024 Jean Rd., Bldg. G Lake Oswego, Or 97035 USA Just wanted to drop you a note and a few pictures. The panels and the ...

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