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Vagrant & Winter Hummingbird Banding
U.S. For example, Rufous Hummingbirds, Selasphorus rufus (immature male at right)--which breed ... eyes peeled for hummers that are not obviously Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (RTHUs), as described at RTHU External Appearance. Vagrant hummingbirds banded thus far by staff from Hilton Pond Center are ...

Another Western Vagrant Comes To York (Rufous Hummingbird, Selasphorus rufus)
All text & photos Hilton Pond Center We also collaborate with other banders interested in "vagrant hummingbirds"--species from Mexico and the western U.S. that are being seen with increasing regularity ... were consuming large numbers of Flowering Dogwood berries near Hilton Pond on 09/30/02. VAGRANT HUMMINGBIRDS Rufous Hummingbird banded on 23 Sep at Hilton Pond (see story above) Back to ... More from this site

Birding & Natural History Programs - Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory
IFO workshops (see links below). Upcoming workshops: Hummingbirds Mini-Workshop August 30-31, 2008 Hummingbirds are more than just pretty faces. These tiny dynamos pack a lot ... prepare for a rare vagrant in your own yard or just trying to understand your common species, workshop leader Sheri Williamson, author of A Field Guide to Hummingbirds of North America in ...

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory - Hummingbirds of Arizona
Sites | Hummingbirds | Birding NW Mexico | Photo Albums | Links | Contact SABO Hummingbirds of Arizona (Updated 12 March 2008) Announcing the Arizona Hummingbird Survey! Arizona boasts 18 species of hummingbirds - more ... central Mexico, southern Florida, casually along Gulf Coast; extremely rare (and probably overlooked) vagrant in U.S. west of the Great Plains. Status in AZ: accidental; first ... More from this site

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