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Vehicle noise and the toll on people
The truth remains though, that noise is a powerful ... noise pollution and high-blood pressure, noise pollution has been deemed a possible cause of such cardio-vascular diseases as heart disease. Another side effect that researchers have linked to stress, induced by vehicle noise pollution ...

NoiseOFF - The Citizens Coalition Against Noise Pollution - Virginia
NoiseOFF - The Citizens Coalition Against Noise Pollution - Virginia Boom Cars Car Alarms Motorcycles Exhaust Systems Off-Road Vehicles Landscaping Engine Brakes The ... that ruin communities. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is responsible for most of the vehicle noise pollution in America. Members of the coalition sent e-mails to legislators in the House Transportation ...

Also view the 2007 State Hydrogen and Fuel ... , scalability and ease of maintenance. Fuel cells operate silently, so they reduce noise pollution as well as air pollution and the waste heat from a fuel cell can be used to ...

League for the Hard of Hearing > Education, Advocacy & Outreach
Noise Pollution Clearinghouse. It is not uncommon for people who call the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse to be kept awake for a couple hours at ... other noisier modifications of exhaust systems. Maintain stereo volume levels so that noise is not audible 25 feet from vehicle. Do not use air compression brakes (Jake Brakes). Use a horn only ...

League for the Hard of Hearing > Education, Advocacy & Outreach
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ONAC was the vehicle by which EPA was to carry out its mandate under the Noise Control Act ... Noise Noise pollution affects millions of Americans, but citizens disturbed by aircraft noise constitute one of the most vocal groups speaking out against noise. Again, possibly in response to this growing citizen outcry against aviation noise ... More from this site

Noise Free America - Boom Cars
Subscribe to the Noise Free America discussion group! Powered by Tell a friend about Noise Free America! Boom Cars Noise Pollution: Sounds of the City Are ... Necessary Freeport offers class for noise violators Peoria, Illinois Vehicle Impound Program Information Boom Cars: Definition View Our Collection of Malicious Boom Car Ads Boom Car Noise Booklet News Stories A ...

Noise Free America - Legal Agenda
Noise Code, the use of “car alarms” in a motor vehicle shall be deemed a misdemeanor or better and subject the vehicle to impoundment and the vehicle owner ... noise pollution: The President's Council on Environmental Quality, the United States Surgeon General, and the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control should study and publicize the health and safety hazards of noise pollution ... More from this site

NPC Online Library: NPC Noise Effects on Wildlife Fact Sheet
Online Library: NPC Noise Effects on Wildlife Fact Sheet "Good neighbors keep their noise to themselves." Noise Pollution Clearinghouse FACT SHEET Noise Effects on Wildlife Sources of noise that have the potential to effect ... Bondello, M.C. and B.H. Brattstrom, 1979. The experimental effects of off-road vehicle sounds on three species of desert invertebrates. Report to the Bureau of Land Management. ...

NPC Resources: Swimming Pool Filter Motor Noise Pollution
Filter Motor Noise Pollution Swimming-pool Filter-motor Noise Pollution Domestic Noise Pollution--An Australian Experience Paper prepared in May of 1999 by Athol Brown, Queensland, Australia, for Noise Pollution Clearinghouse, Vermont ... noise - such as motor vehicle movements (but not highway noise), motor mowers etc. Higher levels of background help mask a long-running, daytime, low level of noise ... More from this site

NoiseOFF - The Citizens Coalition Against Noise Pollution
Us The Citizens Coalition Against Noise Pollution Noise pollution is a human health issue that is adversely affecting the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Noise pollution is nerve shattering to ... to its manufacturer, "have the distinct advantage of penetrating and shaking solid materials allowing vehicle operators and nearby pedestrians to FEEL the sound waves, and perhaps even see ...

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