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Office of the Chief Information Officer
DOC and other Federal agencies and organizations. Headlines NOAA Fisheries Receives Prestigious National Award for Vessel Monitoring System and Litigation Web Site NOAA Fisheries Launches On-line Forms Portal Home | About Us ...

Vessel Monitoring System for Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Vessel Monitoring System for Atlantic Highly Migratory Species (.pdf) E-mail Contact (4/30/2009) Vessel Monitoring System ... mail Contact (10/31/2006) * 0648-0544 Southeast Region Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) and Related Requirements Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Installation and Activation Certification For the ... More from this site

EJF: IUU fishing - Background
IUU fishing substantially minimises the operating costs for vessel owners who can avoid paying for licences, onboard observers, vessel monitoring systems or catch documentation systems, and in ... was closed. b) Monitoring at sea IUU fishing can thrive in areas where monitoring, control and surveillance activities (patrol boats, surveillance aircraft, satellite monitoring, onboard observers, etc) ...

Welcome to Forest and Bird
April 2006, 3 hectors dolphins were caught by one single commercial trawl vessel. Other human-induced threats – Cray pot entanglement, boat strikes, drift netting, tourism, ... Trawling vessels to carry vessel monitoring systems plus have observers or by-catch monitoring equipment on board Boats to adhere to existing Marine Mammal Protection Regulations including slow vessel speeds within ...

Welcome to Forest and Bird
Boats to adhere to existing speed limits within 300 metres ... More from this site

MASAR® System Features - Membrane Fouling and Performance Monitoring System
CA), manufacture and configuration (accepts different number of membrane cartridges per pressure vessel for every operating point if applicable). MASAR®Plus, a specially-designed ... Membrane Bundle Pressure Drop Profiles. Fouling Monitoring Status Alert - Silent AlarmTM: Interpretation of Average FM and Recommendations for Action. Fouling Monitoring Results Summary Displays: Fouling Monitor(FM ...

MASAR® Data Parameters - Membrane Fouling and Performance Monitoring System
MASAR® Data Parameters - Membrane Fouling and Performance Monitoring System Site Map Terms of Use & Privacy Notice Contact Us Home Technology Software Services Consulting ... stage). 8. Membrane Pressure Drop (feed pressure minus brine pressure directly across the average pressure vessel in each stage) 9. Product Pressure (output from each stage) if available- final value is ... More from this site

Assessment and Monitoring | Oceans, Coasts, & Estuaries | U.S. EPA
Vessel Bold EPA's ocean-going vessel supports many activities including the monitoring of ocean outfalls and dumpsites. The vessel also supports EPA dive teams in the assessment and monitoring ...

Monitoring Reports and Guidance for Oceans, Coasts and Estuaries | Assessment and Monitoring | U.S. EPA
Monitoring Reports and Guidance Assessment and Monitoring Home Ocean Survey Vessel Bold Air Deposition in Estuaries and Coastal Waters Marine Debris Monitoring Reports and Guidance Monitoring ... More from this site

Vessel User Information
Vessel User Information In Services Surveys Fisheries Surveys Foreign Vessel Surveys INFOMAR Operational Programmes Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout & Eels Benthic Monitoring Environmental Chemistry Fish Health Integrated Marine Exploration Marine Climate Change Oceanography Phytoplankton Monitoring ...

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