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Redreaming the Plain: an e-journal about sustainability
It came down steadily turning the rich volcanic soil into slippery black sludge. I could hear the phone ringing and tried to run ... basalt plain of southeastern Australia, and with the indigenous peoples, who witnessed the most recent volcanic eruptions. (See the national resource audit for this bioregion.) The arrival of Europeans changed this plain ...

Yellowstone Fires
Geologic processes--the movement of tectonic plates that resulted in the volcanic eruptions--are still active in the Park. These processes are responsible for Yellowstone's geothermal features ...

remote sensing activities
CO2 data, including industrial pollution, volcanic eruptions, seasonal changes in vegetation, and biomass burning (both natural and human-caused). This set of ... More from this site

CRU Information Sheet no. 5: The Millennial Temperature Record
... of three mechanisms: changes in solar output changes in the number and severity of explosive volcanic eruptions changes in atmospheric composition as a result of human activities (increases in greenhouse gases and ...

CRU Information Sheet no. 2: The Causes of Climatic Change
Volcanic pollution Explosive volcanic eruptions can inject large quantities of dust and the gas, sulphur dioxide, high into the atmosphere. Whereas volcanic debris in the lower ... volcanic eruptions suggest that an individual eruption may generate global cooling amounting to two or three tenths of a degree Celsius. The effect lasts for a year or two. Major eruptions ... More from this site

March 2, 2004: The Sixth Great Extinction
Among the possible causes of these mass extinctions are volcanic eruptions, meteorites colliding with the earth, and a changing climate. After each extinction, it took upwards ...

ECO-PROS Biodiversity - Ecosystems
Among these are natural events such as volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis, and hurricanes. Other disruption and destruction of the natural environment and biodiversity occurs ...

Intro: Volcanic Ash and Aircraft Safety
Rose, 1994) for volcanic cloud detection has been applied to a number of different eruptions demonstrating that it works well for a variety of different types of volcanic activity. The ... dissipate. Balderson, D., 1993, Assuring Aviation Safety after Volcanic Eruptions, FAA Special Review, March 1993, 35pp plus appendices. Casadevall, T. J., 1994, Volcanic Ash and Aviation Safety, U. S. Geol. Survey ...

Volcanic Clouds Overview
Volcanoes provide insight into the inner earth. Volcanoes may have controlled human genetic evolution. Volcanic eruptions can be used as a tool to study the atmosphere Public issues -- why everyone should be aware of volcanic clouds Aircraft hazards are a prime public safety issue for volcanic ... More from this site

FMI - Research - Atmosphere - Ozone and UV radiation
Such natural phenomena as seasonality, winds and volcanic eruptions also affect the distribution of the ozone in the atmosphere. How does the action of ...

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