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Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Whale Rescue | Rescue Techniques
Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Whale Rescue | Rescue Techniques Home | Contact Us | Sitemap Visit Our Online Store SIGN UP! Your involvement and support ... . PCCS clearly recognizes that the whale rescue program is not a conservation strategy- keeping whales from becoming entangled is the long-term goal. For the interim, the whale rescue team provides a necessary, emergency service ...

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Whale Rescue | Frequently Asked Questions
Days or months later, the PCCS whale rescue team may get a report of such an animal ... rescue team but just what they think of this is far from clear. As with any wild animals, whales may be very dangerous when afraid. While working close with a whale, rescue ... the humpback and right whale populations may become entangled each year, the work of the rescue team becomes daunting. Even ... More from this site

Open Letter To The Makah Nation
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, UK Whale and Dolphin Society of Canada Whale Rescue Team Whales Alive Wildlife Damage Review Wildlife Education & Rescue Service, Australia Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Australia Wildlife Rescue ...

Friends of Animals | Sanctuaries & Rescue Work
Sanctuaries & Rescue Work Primarily Primates: A Fresh Start for the Sanctuary FoA has joined with the nation' ... care for these animals. Read more... Marine Animal Rescue: Helping Marine Animals in Need for over Twenty Years FoA has merged with the Whale Rescue Team of L.A. County. The organization has already ...

Friends of Animals | Local Hero | Winter 2007-08
Whale Rescue Team. Over the years, Wallerstein has developed a tool kit of rescue techniques and has trained lifeguards and other volunteers to help ... More from this site

Heal the Bay | Action Alerts | AB 2829
Photo: Heal the Bay Sea lion pup ingesting a plastic bag. Image: Whale Rescue Team A turtle ingesting plastic. Photo: Ron Prendergast, Melbourne Zoo. Plastic bags consumed this year worldwide ...

Two Key Marine Debris Bills Pass Out of CA Policy Committees
Image: Whale Rescue Team Turtle caught in fishing net, a victim of derelict fishing gear. Image: California Coastal Commission ... More from this site

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Whale Rescue | Latest Disentanglement - right whale, Yellowfin
Coastal Studies | Whale Rescue | Latest Disentanglement - right whale, Yellowfin Home | Contact Us | Sitemap Join Us / Give Now Get involved! No matter how ... is to give on-line. Introduction | Latest Disentanglement | Rescue Techniques | Tagging | Disentanglement Network | FAQ | Summary of Season | Scar-based Study | Take Reduction Team | Gillnet Diagram | Lobster Pot Diagram | Previous ...

SCS: Rescue and Rehabilitation
Animal Rescue. Holds Marine Mammal Medic courses throughout the U.K. to train volunteers in the rescue of cetaceans and pinnipeds. UK-wide: Marine Animal Rescue Coalition (MARC), c/o Whale and ... Northern elephant seals, Northern fur seals and Guadalupe fur seals. The Center's rescue team provides training in rescue equipment and techniques to other centres as far away as Mexico. Research includes ...

The Marine Mammal Center
Teachers Kids Only! Blubber Experiment Blubber vs. Buoyancy Clean the Oiled Otter Eat Like a Whale Entangled Sea Lion Life-Sized Marine Mammals Marine Mammals on a Rope Mom & Pup Sound ... to Top Water Rescue - The Marine Mammal Center has a team of advanced volunteers specially trained to rescue animals from the water. The mission of the Water Rescue Team is to rescue animals that have life ...

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