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SoundNet - If Adopted, RMS Would Lead Whaling Back to the Dark, Pre-Moratorium Days
The report, in short, finds that pro-whaling nations have ... whaling; the ban went fully into effect in 1986. Most whaling nations honored the moratorium and phased out their whaling operations. However, Iceland and Japan have defied the moratorium by whaling ...

Basis for Norwegian Whaling Wrong: IWC Scientists
Whaling Commission (IWC) Conference, Aberdeen, June 24, 1996 Basis for Norwegian Whaling Wrong: IWC Scientists Greenpeace, News Release - A new estimate adopted unanimously by IWC scientists demonstrates that Norway re- opened its whaling industry under false premises, Greenpeace said from the IWC conference in Aberdeen today. In 1992 Norway announced that it was starting whaling ...

International Conference on Whaling in the North Atlantic: Economic and Political Perspectives, Reykjavík, 1 March 1997. Opening address by Halldór Ásgrímsson, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iceland
I participated in some of the meetings of the International Whaling Commission, made several trips to neighbouring countries to consult ... resource and are convinced that whales are special animals that deserve full protection. The anti-whaling industry, which often claims this view, has in fact become a regular business in its own ... More from this site - World's Whaling Communities Unite to Assert Their Rights
Regulation of Whaling, which requires it to base its decisions on science, and to "take account of the interests of the consumers of whale products and the whaling industry". To address such concerns the World Council of Whalers was established in February 1997, opening a Secretariat on the land of the traditional whaling peoples of the ...

Whales and Whaling in Trinity Bay
Whales and Whaling in Trinity Bay WHALES AND WHALING IN TRINITY BAY, NEWFOUNDLAND The purpose of this Web site is to provide stories and information about the experiences of people from Trinity Bay, Newfoundland regarding whales and the former whaling industry in their area.

Whaling in Dildo, Trinity Bay
Whaling in Dildo, Trinity Bay WHALING IN DILDO, TRINITY BAY, NEWFOUNDLAND (Contributed by C. Williams and M. George) The whaling industry in Dildo took place between 1970 and ... Dildo, Trinity Bay to hunt whales. They came from the World Wide Whaling Company of Tokyo in their own ship the Kella Maru, with a ... are commercially hunted in Japan and Norway only. Back to the Whales and Whaling in Trinity Bay ... More from this site

According to Australian officials, this is unacceptable. "There is no scientific justification for ... patterns in live whales. With a growing global population, we must reign in the whaling industry. We cannot keep harvesting these creatures at such a rate – either for food or ...

STOP JAPAN'S COMMERCIAL WHALING STOP JAPAN’S COMMERCIAL WHALING JAPAN’s commercial whaling industry has been dominated throughout history by three large companies—Maruha, Nippon Suisan and Kyokuyo. Following ... play a major role in the whale meat industry – unwittingly supported by consumers. YOU can now help us shut down the Japanese whaling fleet for good by contacting the UK and ...

WWF - International Whaling Commission (IWC)
However, despite the international moratorium, the nations of Japan, Norway and Iceland carry on whaling. All 3 countries are exploiting loopholes in the Whaling ...

Whaling Heritage Symposium
New Bedford Whaling Museum — The New Bedford Whaling Museum is the largest museum in America devoted to the history of the American whaling industry and its greatest ... dominated merchant trade and whaling. New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park — Congress established New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park in 1996 to commemorate the American whaling industry and its ...

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