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Peregrine biology - natural history
Week 1: When the chicks emerge from the eggs, they look like helpless bundles of white down with oversized feet. The chicks' eyes stay closed for the first couple of days ... the chicks up to ten times per day. Week 3: At this age the solid white coat of down the chicks have been sporting since hatching begins to be flecked with dark ...

SCS: Ribbon Seal (Phoca fasciata)
Pups are born in April and May with a fluffy white coat which is replaced 3-6 weeks later by a blue-grey coat that is silver-grey on the front. Pups are ... , juveniles usually earlier. The coloration of the adult ribbon seal is very distinctive with four white, sometimes yellow-tinted, 10-12cm wide strips or ribbons around the neck, rear half and ...

SCS: Ringed Seal (Phoca hispida)
Numbers So named because of the ring-shaped marks on its coat, there are generally recognised to be five separate subspecies of the ... to mid-April. They are born with a white coat which they shed within 4-6 weeks for a coat that is silver on the front, ... found in snowdrifts along the shoreline. The pups are normally born with white coats, although some dark pups with black hairs in their coats ... More from this site

Marin Agricultural Land Trust
A worker in a white coat, rubber boots, and a hair net moves to put a lid on the cartons, but ...

White Galloway – a silvery white coat with black, red or dun points (ears, eyes, nose, and lower legs) – is an ancient one and was originally distinctive of the Wild White cattle of Britain. These are typified by the surviving British White, Chillingham and White Park herds. The herd of White Park cattle at Cadzow Park, Hamilton ...

Awassi from other breeds of sheep, together with their upright stance and relatively hairy white coat. The rams have large curled horns. Temperamentally they are very quiet sheep and will cluster ... More from this site

White Tigers,White Tiger in Jungles,White Tiger in Indian Jungles
The white tiger is born to a bengal tiger that has the gene needed for white coloring. A pure white tiger has no stripes and are totally white. Pristine wildness ! The striking white coat ... - Kaziranga National Park - Nagarhole White Bengal Tiger White Tiger Information White Tiger Facts White Tiger Habitat Endangered White Tiger Snow White Tiger White Tiger Picture Wildlife ...

White Bengal Tiger,Regions of White Bangal Tiger,White Bengal Tiger Regions
A pure white tiger has no stripes and are completely white in color. Pristine wildness ! The splendid white coat ... More from this site

White is a naturally polled variant. Both share the white colouring with distinctive black (or occasionally red) points – ears, nose and lower legs. Colour spots frequently occur in the coat. The horned and polled forms of these white cattle have been regarded as separate breeds – White Park and British White respectively – since 1946. The British White, historically regarded ...

White-tailed Antelope Squirrel
The antelope squieewl has a gray coat of fur that has a pink type cast to it, with a white stripe on either side of its body. They also molt two times per year, gaining a winter coat that has a second, undercoat, and a summer coat that is wiry in feeling. The can be identified easily by the white underside ...

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