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EcoFuture (TM) : PlanetKeepers' Guide to Related Organizations and Projects
See their map of declining forests. Rainforest Action Network ten years of rainforest action Save Americas Forests - nationwide campaign to protect and restore America's wild and natural forests ...

Save America's Forests
Save America’s Forests is a nationwide educational and organizing campaign working to change United States policy to protect and restore America’s last wild and natural forests. We provide support to environmental and citizens groups and ...

Biodiversity-Blue and Yellow Macaw
Save America's Forests | SAVE AMERICA'S FORESTS Home Page | YASUNĂŤ RAINFOREST CAMPAIGN Home Page | Save America's Forests is the campaign to protect and restore wild and natural forests in America and around the ... business member, or an individual supporter. Together, we can protect and restore America's and the world's wild and natural forests! Help us improve this web site. Send your suggestions ... More from this site

ForestHarvest - Certification and labelling of Scotland's wild and woodland products
Scotland's wild and woodland products ForestHarvest: non-timber forest products in Scotland TRADING TRADING | BUSINESS DIRECTORY | A CLOSER LOOK | CERTIFICATION & LABELLING| WILD HARVESTS SECTOR SUPPORT LINKS | SITE INDEX Certification and ...

ForestHarvest - Research projects and initiatives focusing on wild and woodland products in Scotland
Focusing on wild and woodland products in Scotland Latest initiative: Wild Harvests Sector Support The Wild ... forests and the wild land of Scotland. The project began in June 2008, and the first planned project activity is to hold two open meetings, one in the north and ... and negotiation between Scottish NTFP company Highland Natural Products and high-street giant Boots. Highland Natural ... More from this site

DuMond Conservancy for Primates and Tropical Forests
Mission: (1) To enhance welfare of nonhuman primate populations and tropical forest ecosystems, and (2) to emphasize the evolutionary, ecological and natural history linkages among human and nonhuman primates and tropical forests ... CK, Perea-Rodriguez JP and Fernandez-Duque E (2008). Food transfers to young and mates in wild owl monkeys (Aotus ...

Snow Leopard,Snow Leopard Animal,Snow Leopard Wild Animal
Most of their range occurs in Tibet and other parts of ... The snow leopard eats wild sheep, wild boars, gazelles, hares, markhor, bobak, tahr, marmots, mice and deer. The ... and local animosity, is taking them near to extinction. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) regard them as Endangered and ...

Wild World: Eastern Himalayan Broadleaf and Conifer Forests @
Wild World: Eastern Himalayan Broadleaf and Conifer Forests @ Eastern Himalayan Broadleaf and Conifer Forests: Conservation Tips Although the Himalayas may conjure up images of invincibility, the temperate forests ... and services that harm these wild spaces and wild species. •Be a smart tourist: Tourism to wild areas like the Eastern Himalayas can sometimes degrade the natural ...

WWF Global 200 Ecoregions -- Amazon River and Flooded Forests
Features · Did You Know? · Wild Side · Cause for Concern · Looking Ahead Global 200 Snapshot The Amazon River and Flooded Forests ecoregion contains an ... and headwaters, and dam building, which destroys natural flood and sedimentation cycles. WWF and many conservation organizations are working together on sustainable development activities, such as palm heart extraction, ecotourism projects, and ... More from this site

WWF - What is WWF doing about conversion of forests for agriculture and plantations?
Find out more Promoting alternatives to forest conversion For small-scale producers, harvesting from wild-grown species is often easier and more cost-effective than burning and clearing forests ...

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