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Mutant Red Herrings? (Do or Die)
This will make it impossible to have any foods that ... actually happened. GMOs cannot be kept apart from their wild and cultivated relatives Transfer of Gene to Non-Gmo Crops Field tests ... pesticides were not capable of long-term survival in the wild. Dutch studies now reveal that the popular biological pesticide Bacillus thuringiensis ...

Howzat! (Do or Die)
"Growing genetically manipulated crops releases genetic pollution into the wild. The genetically manipulated plants could cross breed with wild relatives, and so pass on some of their new characteristics. Once this ... More from this site

The Regional Impacts of Climate Change
Few studies have assessed the impact of climate change on biodiversity in the region. Current ...

The Regional Impacts of Climate Change
Few studies are available to assess the impact of climate change on the biodiversity of ... More from this site

Biodiversity Article - What is Biodiversity, No of species, losses, why conserve.
The vast, largely untapped resource of medicines and useful chemicals contained in wild species may disappear forever. The wealth of species contained in tropical rain forests ... this also represents a rich potential source of new economically important medicines. Additionally, the wild relatives of our cultivated crop plants provide an invaluable reservoir of genetic material to aid ...

Foreign gene sequences will inevitably pass into conventional crops and populations of wild relatives of crop species through cross-pollination. With herbicide resistant crops this threatens the creation of ...

Origins of agriculture
They had to undergo few genetic changes to be of use to farmers, their wild relatives remaining easily recognisable to this day. In several other regions world wide local crop ... Some plants which produced poisonous compounds were domesticated from mutant individuals which lacked the poison. Wild relatives of almonds, potatoes, aubegines, watermelons, cabbages and lima beans were all too bitter or ... More from this site

Environmental Commons: Grass Created in Lab Is Found in the Wild
Jay Reichman, an agency ecologist who is the lead author of ... have to think about the possibility of plants escaping into populations where there are wild relatives present." Home | About Us | Local Food | GMOs | Precautionary Principle | Toxics | Resources | Donate | Contact | ...

March 5, 2002: Our Closest Relatives Are Disappearing
In Indonesia, diverse forests and wild inhabitants have suffered from logging fueled by corruption and political instability. Within the ... better-our biology, psychology, and sociology-depends in part on understanding our closest living relatives better. If we destroy them, we may never fully understand ourselves. See data ...

Margay,Spotted Margay Cat,Margay Spotted Wild Cat
Spotted Margay Cat,Margay Spotted Wild Cat Tigers Around the Globe Wild Cats White Tiger Bengal Tiger Wildlife Conservation Eco Tourism Indian Tiger Wild Cats Margay Wild Cats African Golden Cat Andean ... the margay, in the latest review of cat taxonomy, has been placed with its closest relatives in the genus Leopardus (Wozencraft 1993). These three species (margay, L. wiedi, ocelot, L. ...

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