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Ecopsychology Glendinning, Chellis, "My Name Is Chellis and I'm in Recovery from Western Civilization," Shambhala, Publications, Inc., 1994. Mathews, Freya, ... Wilderness and the American Mind, Yale University Press, 1967. Oelschlaeger, Max, ed., The Wilderness Condition: Essays in Wilderness and Civilization, Sierra Club Books, 1992. Zimmerman, Michael, Contesting Earth's Future: Radical Ecology and ...

The Wilderness Institute
Wilderness Institute Furthering the understanding of wilderness and its stewardship through education, research, and service. Explore wildland conservation and the human-nature relationship through an undergraduate field and campus program at the University of Montana. “Wilderness and Civilization ...

Wilderness Institute offers a variety of courses and programs for students and the public. From the year-long Wilderness and Civilization Program to online Wilderness management courses and short courses in Yellowstone and ... More from this site

Ronald Jorgensen - The Planetary City
... wilderness and urbanity, agriculture and human culture, revolution and evolution, centralization and decentralization, science and spirituality, industry and ecology, technology and craftship, abundance and economy, locality and globality, work and play, education and life expression, diversity and unity, solitude and ...

Robert Gilman - Continental Themes
It was the quintessence of "the New World". To be properly understood, this needs to be seen against the background of the pattern of civilization ... and dehumanizing. Large numbers of the first colonists died within a year of their arrival, and so did many frontier men and women in the centuries that followed. The wilderness (and ... More from this site

The U.S. River Conservation Team: The Catalog, of gear for canoeing, kayaking, rafting, fly-fishing, river trips, river running, raft trips, whitewater, float trips, wilderness rivers, and other river recreation.
The packed kit measures 14" by 5" and weighs 3.5 pounds. 8 river points. Comprehensive Whitewater Kit. The company's most complete kit, in a large dry bag, for long and ... maps and can be used in the rain, snow and wind--they can even by laundered after each use and will not tear or lose clarity. "Protecting the wilderness, and the use of the wilderness internationally ...

Linville Gorge - The Wilderness Experience
You are free to explore and discover the natural attractions this wilderness has to offer. You probably will be able to locate and follow ...

EcoFuture (TM) : PlanetKeepers' Guide to Related Organizations and Projects
America's prime forests, parks, rivers, deserts and shorelands, and fostering an American land ethic Wilderness Society (Australia) an organization to preserve wilderness, protect wilderness, promote wilderness, and promote the rights of wilderness Wildlands Project and ..., FAQs - save, protect, preserve wilderness and rainforest for free!
Palmyra Atoll and Reef: The Palmyra Atoll is a thousand miles south of Hawaii, an untold distance from civilization. It is the last intact marine wilderness in the U.S. tropics ... here for totals of land protected by project and by date (these totals are estimates). Why is preserving wild land important? Retaining road-less wilderness and wild land is important to preserving the ...

Raising the priority of urban areas in protected area systems in Brazil and beyond
Overseas, this line of thought originated, in 1872, from Yellowstone, the first national park ... large tracts of wilderness and conserve the habitat of endangered species. In this sense, most urban protected areas tended to be relegated to their original mission of providing drinking water and recreation ...

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