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mitsubishi galant parts > electrical
Complaint: the insured went to start the vehicle and noticed smoke, there was an electrical fire in the wiring harness area.*jb(claim#42-1246-839) . 1999 Mitsubishi GALANT 99 - Underhood wiring Complaint ...

mitsubishi eclipse parts > air-bags
Complaint: srs light comes on/stays on - dealership states right passenger side airbag has to be replaced due to design flaw, not enough resistance on the wiring. another car (same make/model) in that day had 2 2001 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE SPYDER 01 - Side Air Bag Complaint: ... on the wiring. another car (same make/model) in that day had 2 2002 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 02 - Frontal Air Bag Complaint: ... More from this site

NEMA - Anti-Counterfeiting News
Mexico caught making substandard flat panel TV screens from discarded factory parts. Criminal complaint filed. (June 1, 2007). UL warns of counterfeit lighting fixtures. (May 31, 2007) ... undersized wire that may pose safety hazards (March 1, 2006). Counterfeit fuses and wiring devices seized in The Phillippines. (February 15, 2006). International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition submits Special ...

NoiseOFF - The Citizens Coalition Against Noise Pollution - Car Alarms
Car Alarm Components A car alarm system typically consists of a wiring harness, remote transmitter, onboard sensor device and a horn. Most new vehicles include factory installed ... a car alarm in your neighborhood that keeps going off, call 311 and log a complaint. If the car alarm sounds off in the middle of the night, call 911 since ...

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