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GDRC: Do your bit ... World Tourism Day
Tourism Enriches 2007 - Tourism opens doors for women Additional Resources: GDRC: Sustainable Tourism GDRC: Heritage Conservation and Management World Tourism Organization Tourism and Gender WTO: Suggested Activities for World Tourism ...

Sustainable Tourism
Tourism Research Association UNEP-DTIE: Sustainable Tourism UNEP-DTIE: The Tour Operators Initiative WLO: World Leisure Organization WTF: World Tourism Forum WTO: World Tourism Organization WTTC: World Travel and Tourism Council Internet Resources on Eco-Tourism ... More from this site

Tourism Reference Index | Planeta
Tourism Destinations Sustainable Tourism Events Calendar UNWTO Events Calendar World Tourism Organization - Google News WORLD TOURISM DIRECTORY World Tourism Directory News - World Tourism Directory Endorsing Organizations - World Tourism ...

Tourism Editorial
Around the world a number of sites, including protected areas, have already been spoiled by the development of nature-based tourism, with damaging consequences for ... other international organizations, and in particular the World Tourism Organization and UNESCO, is promoting the definition and development of sustainable tourism through the publication of guidelines and handbooks, ...

Tourism And Recreation - Hall County, Georgia
Bids & Proposals [25 bids] • Business Recycling • Recreation, Arts & Culture • Online Parks Guide Tourism & Recreation For those who love the outdoors, Hall County offers a bounty of recreational opportunities ... of Olympic rowing, canoe and kayak events in 1996. Hospitality remains a tradition at such world-class resorts as Lake Lanier Islands and nearby Chateau Elan. While auto racing fans ...

Tourism : Attractions And Resources - Hall County, Georgia
Tourism : Attractions And Resources - Hall County, Georgia Homepage Board of Commissioners Photos & Bios Meetings & Agendas Citizen' ... the local poultry industry that earned the city the title of "Poultry Capital of the World." It includes a garden and statuary. West Academy at Jesse Jewell Parkway. Back to Top ... More from this site

Eco Tourism Resorts,Eco Tourism Natural Resort,Natural Eco Tourism Resorts in India
Eco tourism Resorts. "Eco tourism is encourages travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well being of local people." IUCN (now called the World Conservation Union) states in 1996 that Eco tourism ...

WWF - Problems: Tourism & coastal development
Tourism & coastal development Tourism & coastal development Tourism pressure Towns & cities Marine About Our Oceans Problems Poorly managed fishing Inadequate protection Tourism ... world's population - more people than inhabited the entire planet in 1960 - live within 60km of the coast. On top of this, 80% of all tourism ... region is the world's leading tourist destination - and mass tourism is one ...

WWF - Coastal development problems: Tourism
Tourism Each year a large percentage of holiday-makers head to coastlines around the world, where they have an enormous impact on marine ecosystems. A growing problem Tourism is the largest and fastest-growing economic sector in the world. Globally, tourism and related ... More from this site

Turtles and tourism
Are you going on a beach holiday abroad? Have you thought about the turtles that might nest there? Nowadays, tourism affects most corners of our world. Tourism can be used positively for marine turtle conservation, as the Turtle Conservation Project (TCP) in Sri Lanka has shown. But more often than not, insensitive tourism ...

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