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Sustainable Practices :: Conservation Education :: IZE
Zoo Educators Doing In Terms of Education for Sustainability? While the strategic thinkers at IZE and WAZA have clearly embraced the notion that education for sustainability is a priority for zoo education ... integrated into zoo education programs, education for sustainability has the potential to lead our field into a new era of education for action. The United Nations Decade of Education for ...

Regional, National and Education Guidelines:: Conservation Education :: IZE
European Zoo and Aquarium Association Education Standards This EAZA document describes how to write an education mission statement that clarifies the education role of the zoo: “The concept of zoo education is broader than a programme for schools and should be targeted at the entire zoo ... More from this site

Conservation Education :: IZE
IZE members. Careers in Zoo Education Are you interested in a career that will help wildlife? Education Policies and Protocols Professional standards for making programs Graphics Explore examples of zoo ... about animals. Learn more about how you can help. Membership | Conservation Education | World Zoos | IZE Resources | Sitemap Copyright © 2005, International Zoo Educators ...

Conservation Education :: IZE
Conservation Education in (AZA) Zoos and Aquariums by Bruce L. Carr, Ph.D. Director, Conservation Education, AZA Zoo education is an important pillar of modern zoos’ mission statements. From humble beginnings to an integral part of the field of conservation, the history of zoo education ... More from this site

Ocean Alliance - EDUCATION - Class from the Sea
Odyssey : Ocean Encounters > Pacific Life Whale Education Kit > Internships > Whale Stories > Questions & Resources > Lectures > Documentaries > Cetacean Education Through Awareness (CETA) Program > Young Scientist Program: Where are the Whales? Roger Payne and Genevieve Johnson speak with students at the Royal Melbourne Zoo ...

Ocean Alliance - EDUCATION - Voyage of the Odyssey : Young Scientist
Odyssey : Ocean Encounters > Pacific Life Whale Education Kit > Internships > Whale Stories > Questions & Resources > Lectures > Documentaries > Cetacean Education Through Awareness (CETA) Program > Young Scientist ... Evaluation Dr. Roger Payne with Odyssey education director Genevieve Johnson conducting a videoconference with students at the Royal Melbourne Zoo in Australia. Photo: Ann McMann ... More from this site

Education World ® Technology Center: Sites to See
Web-based, open source online environment for education professionals. WebQuests Web-based activities from our editors, other educators. ... Web. Online Games Education World reviews some of the best K-12 games for use classroom use. Who says education can't be ... great to go to a real zoo, for many classes that may not be feasible. And many zoo Web sites only give hours open, ...

Education World ® Administrators Center: How I Handled...
A+ Site Reviews - Advertising Info - Contact Us - EDmin Planning Center - Education Standards - Financial Tips - Free Newsletters - Message Boards - Subjects/Specialties - Tips Library ... it seemed like I was working in a zoo. I felt overwhelmed by all the problems that ... of success in an alternative education setting. Sharing our thoughts about alternative education with the student and parents ... More from this site

Minnesota Zoo/Education/Programs
Zoo/Education/Programs Learning at the Zoo is fun! The Minnesota Zoo offers entertaining and educational opportunities for preschoolers through adults to get a closer look at nature and the zoo. The goal of the Minnesota Zoo's Education ...

Minnesota Zoo/Education/Career Day
Zoo/Education/Career Day Zoo Career Days November 1, 2008 Are you interested in having an exciting career working with animals? Join Minnesota Zoo professionals in these exciting seminars to learn ... in their day-to-day activities. Careers to be covered include veterinary medicine, zookeeping, education, aquarium management, dolphin training, animal handling and a special visit from a United States ... More from this site

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