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IPCC information sheets - What bogs have been conserved
Habitats Directive. Blanket bogs The AFF report of 1981 identified 33 blanket bogs of scientific interest. During the national blanket bog ... its commitment to acquire and conserve a minimum of 10,000ha of active raised bog and 40,000ha of active blanket bog. Additional land will be required around the periphery of the conserved ...

IPCC Bogs & Fens of Ireland Conservation Plan 2005 - Campaign Action
Alpine & Subalpine Heaths 31 22 8 7110 Active Raised Bog 31 29 30 7120 Degraded Raised Bog 0 0 139 7130 Active Blanket Bog 46 39 82 7140 Transition Mires 8 7 21 7150 ... 4 34 7220 Petrifying Springs 15 10 8 7230 Alkaline Fens 30 20 32 91D0 Bog Woodlands 7 5 12 1065 Euphydryas aurinia 8 3 19 1014 Vertigo angustior 10 7 ... More from this site - save, protect, preserve wilderness and rainforest for free!
Reserves in Scotland more info Help RSPB, Europe's largest conservation group buy globally rare active blanket bog peatlands, home to numerous 'red listed' birds. Save 2 sq. ft. for FREE! Royal Society ..., Scotland Info - Expand, preserve and protect Scottish Nature Reserves!
UK as a world heritage site. Active blanket bog Active blanket bog is a globally rare habitat for which the UK holds an international responsibility. Blanket bog has its 'type' location in the UK ... (Conservation of Active Blanket Bog in Scotland and Northern Ireland). As part of the project, restoration work was carried out in order to restore specimen areas of damaged blanket bog and in an ... More from this site

Naturenet: UK Nature and Wildlife Links
The Life Peatlands Project: Restoring Active Blanket Bog of European Importance in North Scotland: catchy title for a very good site, and a ...

UK Annex I habitat interest features
Raised bogs and mires and fens 7110 * Active raised bogs 7120 Degraded raised bogs still capable of natural regeneration 7130 * Blanket bogs 7140 Transition mires and quaking bogs 7150 ... oak woods with Ilex and Blechnum in the British Isles 91C0 * Caledonian forest 91D0 * Bog woodland 91E0 * Alluvial forests with Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus excelsior (Alno-Padion, Alnion incanae, ...

How to Buy an Acre of Irish Bog for Conservation
Irish Peatland Conservation Council are the national organisation active on the ground in Ireland in the acquisition programme. Scragh Bog, County Westmeath was the first bog bought by the Dutch and given as ... continues at present rates, these will be the first bogs to disappear in this century. Blanket bogs, which characterise the renowned scenery of the west of Ireland are also under increasing ...

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