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Remote Sensing Activities
Aerial surveys and photographs provide a better view, and a faster means of gathering information. The best ... In the following activities, you will learn how to obtain vital information about forests from aerial and satellite images. [ Viewing Forests from Space ] [ Virtual Ground Truthing ] [ Forest Management from Space ] [ ...

Whale Research - The Dolphin Institute
Mammal Laboratory (KBMML) carried out the first all-island aerial surveys to document the distribution of the whales throughout the Hawaiian Islands. These early surveys, which continued through 1980, established that the ... , but were more common along the northwest coast of the Big Island. More recent aerial surveys have traced the growth of the population overall, the continued heavy use of the ...

The Dolphin Institute - Whale Research
Migration and Habitat Use Migration into Hawaiian waters. Our aerial surveys showed that the influx into and exodus from the different Hawaiian Islands was not uniform ... More from this site

US Navy's Misinformation to Congress About LFAS
Fact - OMI experienced personnel (who also conduct surveys for the Navy at times) conducted an aerial survey of whales around the Big Island during the LFAS test period ... highest impact reaching shore. OMI's aerial survey team did, however, see whales just south and north of this prime sonar impact area.) Fact - Aerial surveys done around the Big Island in March ...

Ocean Alliance - RESEARCH - Right Whale
Peninsula Valdes. OA has two other broad research objectives with right whales: 1 - Continue aerial surveys Long-term aerial survey data has provided baseline information on changes in distribution and reproductive patterns. ... a more complete picture. In 1997/98, Institute researchers will increase the number of aerial surveys per year from one to three in order to gain a more complete picture ...

Learn about the use of aerial surveys and the resulting distribution and photo-identification data, used to monitor the population, and reduce ... coastal research program. Tuesday, August 15, 8 p.m. Dr. Nathalie Jaquet Director, Right Whale Aerial Survey “New England and Sperm Whales: From Pursuit to Protection” Despite 20 years of ...

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | First Right Whale Sighting of the PCCS Field Season Recorded in Cape Cod Bay
NOAA Fisheries Service. Since 1998, PCCS has also conducted systematic aerial surveys to monitor right whales as part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Right Whale ... Associate Scientist (508) 487-3623 x118 Owen Nichols Coordinator, Right Whale Aerial Survey (508) 487-3623 x113 Mother/calf pair from 2005 season - ... More from this site

Birds at Mono Lake
Mono Lake in greater numbers than any other species. Aerial surveys have revealed 1.5-1.8 million birds on the lake in the fallcomprising ...

USGS National Wetlands Research Center: Coastal Marsh Dieback (Brown Marsh)
(Drs. Rebecca Howard and Karen L. McKee) Mapping of Marsh Dieback by Aerial Photography (Lawrence R. Handley) Aerial Surveys to Document and Monitor Spatial Extent, Changes Over Time, and Vegetation Characteristics of ...

USGS National Wetlands Research Center: Thomas C. Michot profile
C., Wells, C., Linscombe, G., 2001, Statewide distribution of brown marsh as determined from aerial surveys [abs.]: Abstracts from "Coastal Marsh Dieback in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Extent, ... geographical and temporal distribution of brown marsh in Louisiana and Texas as determined from aerial surveys [abs.]: ERF 2001: the 16th Biennial Conference of the Estuarine Research Federation, November ... More from this site

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