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Rare and Minority Livestock Breeds in New Zealand
Alpine » Arapawa NZ » Auckland Island X NZ » Boer » Kiko NZ » Nubian/Anglo-Nubian » Sable » Toggenburg » Waipu NZ For a useful discussion on breed definitions, see ...

Gene Bank » Links » Join » Contact STATUS Anglo-Nubian: Rare Nubian: Minority Anglo-Nubian / Nubian Goats A Rare Breed of British Origin Nubian doe (Nubian Breed Society of NZ photo) This breed was produced ... bush, leaving a legacy of occasional Anglo-Nubian features in some of the country’s feral goats. Nubian doe (Photo by Gail Simons) In 1971 Anglo-Nubians were once again imported, this ... More from this site

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