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Feral Auckland Island Pigs A Rare Breed of New Zealand Origin Rescuing an Auckland Island pig – Bob Page and dog Red (Photo by Michael Willis) Pigs were first introduced onto Auckland Island, south ... . • » Breeders Directory listing • See also: » Auckland Island Pigs Rescue Project » DNA Studies of Rare Breeds » Auckland Island goats » Feral Breeds statement » Southland Heritage Breeds ...

Auckland Island Pigs Rescue Project
Contact Auckland Island Pigs Rescue A Rare Breeds Society Project The Auckland Islands are a group of Subantarctic islands which lie some 320 kilometres south of New Zealand – the largest being Auckland Island ... but he sailed for the Auckland Islands from Hobart, Tasmania. Two members of the Auckland Island rescue team (Photo by Dave Matheson) Maoris who migrated to the island from the Chathams in ... More from this site

Auckland Island Goats. Rare Breeds NewZ, 66: 9-10. McIvor, Aldous, and Sherley, Greg,, 1988. A Study and Live Capture of Auckland Island Goats. Landcorp Publication (40 pages). Press Association, 1988. "Auckland Island ...

Enderby Island Cattle ~ Rescue Project
Auckland Islands, and pigs, goats, sheep and rabbits were released on the various islands to provide food for shipwrecked sailors. (See also » Enderby Island Rabbits and » Auckland Island Pigs.) In 1894 a pastoral lease was taken out and cattle were introduced to Enderby Island. Although the ship's manifest ... More from this site

Forest and Bird Media Releases
RMA fears 15 - Pet projects get special treatment in RMA reform 09 - Call to extend Auckland Island marine mammal sanctuary 03 - Anti-1080 misinformation slated 01 - MFish proposes annual slaughter of up ... in your garden 12 - New island sanctuaries great news for native birds 12 - RMA review will waste time and money 07 - Motu Kaikoura purchase great for Auckland 07 - Water Conservation Order ...

Welcome to Forest and Bird
Extension of the Auckland Islands Marine Mammal Sanctuary to the 500m continental shelf edge, ... , the government established a 20 kilometre Marine Mammal Sanctuary around the Auckland Islands in 1993. However, there is no management plan for the ... Sea lion fact sheet Sea lion's killed in the Auckland Island's squid fishery this 07/08 season Sea lions and ... More from this site

Extinct Birds List
Auckland Island Merganser Mergus australis Chatham Island Rail Rallus modestus Laughing Owl Sceloglaux albifacies Bush Wren Xenicus longpipes Stephens Island Wren Traversia lyalli Chatham Island ...

Nature & Co New Zealand - Physical geography of Auckland: Presentation
Browns Island (Motukorea) is also volcanic. Other islands (Motutapu, Motuihe, and Waiheke) consist of low, ... a selected bibliography: click here BOOKS about the Auckland Region BUY NATURAL PRODUCTS from the Auckland Region TRAVEL & ADVENTURE in the Auckland Region Nature sightseeing in the Waitakere Ranges: native forest ... - Nature Travel, Outdoors & Adventure in Auckland
Widen your knowledge about the natural environment of Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf. The sea is the dominant geographical feature of the Auckland region, and this is reflected in the ... their tours ECO-TOURS SCENIC TOURS WILDLIFE WILDLIFE SANCTUARIES TIRI TIRI MATANGI ISLAND PARKS AND RESERVES PARKS & RESERVES GUIDED TOURS AUCKLAND'S REGIONAL PARKS LODGES LODGES Top of page Copyright and ... More from this site

National Geographic Traveler Article: North Island, New Zealand
Traveler Article: North Island, New Zealand Cows grazing on pasturelands near Wellsford, North Island, New Zealand. Photograph Royalty-Free/CORBIS North Island, New Zealand By Keri Hulme "It was one ... which, Auckland, is built atop seven dormant volcanoes, evidence of the characteristic Kiwi "she'll be right" attitude of perennial optimism. Virgin forests still can be seen on the island, ...

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