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Rare Overseas: None Chatham Island Sheep A Rare Breed of New Zealand Origin Chatham Island ewe (Photo by David Tuart) Near the southwest corner of the main island of the Chatham group is ... longwool breeds. (See » Pitt Island for a location map of the Chatham Islands.) Chatham Island sheep on Chatham Island (Photo by David Tuart) It is believed that Chatham Island ferals have been living ‘wild’ ...

Rare and Minority Livestock Breeds in New Zealand
White » Campbell Island X NZ » Devon » Dexter » Dutch Belted » Enderby Island NZ » ... Island NZ » Chatham Island NZ » Clarence Reserve NZ » Diggers Hill NZ » Herbert NZ » Hokonui NZ » Mohaka NZ » Omahaki NZ » Pitt Island NZ » Raglan NZ » Stewart Island ...

Site Map ~ New Zealand Rare Breeds
About Feral Sheep (Feral Sheep) » Arapawa (Feral Sheep) » Campbell Island (Feral Sheep) » Chatham Island (Feral Sheep) » Clarence Reserve (Feral Sheep) » Diggers Hill (Feral Sheep) » Herbert (Feral Sheep) » Hokonui (Feral Sheep) » Mohaka (Feral Sheep) » Omahaki (Feral Sheep) » Pitt Island ... More from this site

Earth Witness Community - Extinct Animals Page One
Coua delalandei Raiatea Parakeet Cyanoramphus ulietanus Black-fronted Parakeet Cyanoramphus zealandicus Chatham Island Swan Cygnus sumnerensis Western quoll Dasyurus geoffroii geoffroii Dicerorhinus sumatrensis ... s Rail Gallirallus dieffenbachii Chatham Islands Rail Gallirallus modestus Guam Rail Gallirallus owstoni Tahiti Rail Gallirallus pacificus Wake Island Rail Gallirallus wakensis Arabian ...

Earth Witness Community - Extinct Animals Page Three
Martinique Parrot Amazona martinicana Guadeloupe Parrot Amazona violacea Anonidium usambarense Chatham Island Bellbird Anthornis melanocephala Cuban Macaw Aplonis fusca Dominican Green-and- ... guaraniticum Aylacostoma stigmaticum Betula szaferi Chatham Island Fernbird Bowdieria rufescens St. Helena Bulwer's Petrel Bulweria bifax Byttneria ivorensis Chatham Rail Cabalus modestus (crayfish) ... More from this site

Albatross Fact Sheet
Zealand. Breeds on Snares Island, Solander Islands, Big and Little Sister Islands in the Chatham Island group, and Rosemary Rock, Three Kings Islands off the North Island. Species: Campbell Scientific name ... . Breeds on Forty-Fours, Big and Little Sister Islands (Chatham Islands), Taiaroa Head (Otago Peninsula, South Island) and Enderby Island (Auckland Islands). They can be visited in New Zealand ...

Extinct Birds List
Island Merganser Mergus australis Chatham Island Rail Rallus modestus Laughing Owl Sceloglaux albifacies Bush Wren Xenicus longpipes Stephens Island Wren Traversia lyalli Chatham Island ... More from this site

NATUREANDCO.COM - New Zealand Seabirds: Locality Lists
Chatham Island Shag Pitt Island Shag Black Shag Northern Royal Albatross Chatham Island Mollymawk Pacific Mollymawk Snowy Albatross Gibson's Albatross Antipodean Albatross Black-browed Mollymawk Campbell Island ...

Costa Rica - Cocos Island, Pirates, Diving and Natural Treasures
Click here! Mailing Lists ... Subscribe Click here! ... Cocos Island ... Pirates, Diving and Natural Treasures by Infocostarica staff ... island, the highest of which is Cerro Yglesisas, at 2,080 feet or 634 meters. Cocos has two large bays with safe anchorages and sandy beaches: Chatham ... . Prospective visitors to the island need to request a permit from the Coco Island Conservation Area, tel: (506) ...

Aluminum Smelter in Trinidad - Environmental Protest Cedros Chatham
Aluminum Smelter in Trinidad - Environmental Protest Cedros Chatham What you can do to fight Alcoa? Get Informed! Sign up for our newsletter below ... or international environmental groups and inform them what is about to happen to our small island. Sue! Know your Rights. The Environmental Management Act of 2000 clearly defines pollution and gives ...

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