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Compassion Over Killing > Events
November 29, 2003 (Fur-Free Friday) October 18, 2003 May 10, 2003 (Mother’s Day Anti-Fur Vigil) February 1, 2003 January 25, 2003 (During the National Conference on Organized Resistance) December 21, 2002 November 29, 2002 (Fur-Free Friday) July 1, 2002 (During the Animal Rights 2002 National Conference) June 8, 2002 May 11, 2002 (Mother’s Day Anti-Fur ...

Compassion Over Killing > The Abolitionist #18: A COK Investigation: COK Turns Ten!
TV/VCR unit, is used for the first time at a COK's anti-fur demonstration. COK hosts its first vegetarian feed-in. COK assists in the rescue of more ... More from this site

Save The Redwoods/Boycott The Gap: Bay Area Action Schools Group Demos
Though there are reasons to support both the pro-sweatshop and anti-sweatshop sides, humanity is the anti-sweatshop side's biggest reason. However, many students don't seem to ... at the Stanford Shopping Center. where an animal activist dressed like Santa Claus handed out anti-fur literature outside Neiman Marcus. Also, high school students protested outside of the Gap, Baby Gap ...

In my own country, this controversy arose with the anti-sealing campaigns in the early 70'ies. It is also at the ... but not least, it is staring us in the face in the EU-anti-fur regulation of 1991, which is proving to be political-ly such a ... use of nature's resources. Parallel to what one might call an anti-use-of-wild-animals trend in European public opinion, an opposite development ...

IDA - In Defense of Animals
Great Ape Conservation 09/30/04 Barclay Prime Ruffles Feathers of Anti-Foie Gras Activists 10/26/04 In Defense of Animals Announces ... 30th. 10/21/04 Union Square Cafe Ruffles Feathers of Anti-Cruelty Activists 10/19/04 Elephant Dumped By San Diego Zoo ... Luther King Holiday with Student Contest 01/08/04 Anti-Fur Advertisement Gives Fur Bearing Animals "Max"-imum Exposure; World-Renowned artist Peter ...

IDA - In Defense of Animals
Navy 05/19/03 Anti-Cruelty activists urge Procter & Gamble consumers: "Don't Buy The Lie" 04/ ... of Animals 12/15/03 Peter Max teams with IDA to produce anti-fur ad 12/09/03 Adopt a Chimpanzee - change a life for the ... investigation exposes callous cruelty behind IAMS' lies 03/13/03 IDA co-sponsors anti-fur ad in YM magazine (PDF file) 03/12/03 "Family Rabbit Hunt" ... More from this site

In defence of fur
Anti-fur campaigners claim that we don't need to use fur. In the words of sex symbol turned animals rights campaigner, Bridget Bardot, fur ...

Return of fur
Many of the protesters have promoted their vegetarianism alongside their anti-fur credentials. To most consumers, however, the argument against fur poses the far less clear ethical dilemma of whether it ... medical advances. Yet the positive impact on conservation that comes from a regulated fur industry is undeniable. Fur is a renewable resource. Trappers undertaking wild harvests have always worked ... More from this site

Event Review | Mercy For Animals Chicago Anti-Fur Protest On December 22, 2007 members of Mercy For Animals held a silent protest against the violent fur industry in downtown Chicago outside ... store. Activists distributed literature to holiday shoppers revealing that the hidden cost of every fur coat is horrific animal cruelty. Television media coverage of the event reached thousands of ...

Friends of Animals: animal rights and veganism | Act•ionLine
Anti-Fur Ad Campaigns & Demos Genuine Fur Trim You Look Just as Stupid Wearing Theirs Could You Have a Career in the Fur Industry? Fur-Trimmed Clothing Anti-Fur Demonstrations be human don't wear fur - VIDEO One Fur Coat Get a Feel for Fur Friends of Animals’ goal is to ...

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