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Fur Industry | Mercy For Animals
Fur Industry | Mercy For Animals Get MFA's e-newsletter Mercy For Animals websites: Vegetarian and Vegan Living Animal Cruelty in the Egg Industry Vegetarian Dining in Ohio Vegetarian Dining in Illinois Animal Cruelty in the Rodeo The fur ads we see in magazines and commercials portray fur ...

Compassion Over Killing > On the Killing Floor
As shocking as it may seem, even if we abolished the fur industry, animals in "entertainment," and the animal testing industry, but didn't change the farmed animal situation, we would have ...

Compassion Over Killing > COK’s Tips for Successful Vegetarian Leafleting
Needless to say, the interests of each individual animal—whether mistreated by circuses, the fur industry, vivisection, factory farming, or any other abusive industry—are important, and we know ... way. Perhaps more importantly, unlike other forms of animal abuse—mainly the hunting, fur, vivisection, and animals in entertainment industries—virtually everyone in the country is responsible ... More from this site

Return of fur
Yet the positive impact on conservation that comes from a regulated fur industry is undeniable. Fur is a renewable resource. Trappers undertaking wild harvests have always worked to conserve ... the influence of political correctness has become a diminished commodity in the fur industry. Users of wildlife need to work together to keep things that way. Back to Fur / Animal Fibres / ...

Fur Ethics
Fur farming is sustainable agriculture at its best. We feed byproducts from the meat, fish and poultry industry and provide a high quality, natural ... more. However, the Fur Commission produced a press release from this incident. Do you think the fur industry is appealing to the natural, green consumer market? Definitely. Fur, as a clothing choice ... More from this site

Event Review | Mercy For Animals Chicago Anti-Fur Protest On December 22, 2007 members of Mercy For Animals held a silent protest against the violent fur industry in downtown Chicago outside Macy's department store. Activists distributed literature to holiday shoppers revealing that the hidden cost of every fur coat is horrific ...

Friends of Animals | The Trapping of Fur-Bearing Animals
No one needs the fur industry. To make matters worse, for every animal targeted and trapped ... fur-selling industry is in no way targeting anybody’s sex; and there is no reason to allow such criticism to slow activists’ efforts. The fashion industry ... end of this industry. The industry, for its part, is very busy this year telling the media that fur is back. Now ...

Friends of Animals | Fur Archives
Fur “Furrier to the Stars” Dennis Basso Presented with Stocking Full of Coal at Holiday-Themed Fur Protest December 18, 2007 Rights Campaigners Call for Focus on Fur Industry's Immediate End December 12, 2006 Special Notice: Friends of Animals "NO FUR" Buttons December 28, 2004 ... More from this site

SCS: South African / Australian Fur Seal (Arctocephalus pusillus)
Australian fur seals could be harassed or swimmers could be injured as a result of the growing commercial seal swim industry. In January 2001, animal welfare groups and scientists in Victoria called for tough new laws to regulate the industry. The additional problem of swimmers being attacked by hungry sharks that are attracted to the ...

SCS: Northern Fur Seal (Callorhinus ursinus)
Pribilof Islands may be being negatively affected by pollution and disturbance caused by the expansion of fishing industry ... in the Pribilof Islands have found that a significant number of fur seals become entangled in marine debris, mainly pieces of trawl net ... . The maximum recorded dive depth of a Northern fur seal is 230m. Northern fur seals can live up to about 25 years ... More from this site

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