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America's National Wildlife Refuge System
Learn More >> Black-tailed Prairie Dogs Are Back Photo Credit: USFWS Black-tailed prairie dogs are back in the desert grasslands of Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico – their home for generations. Today, prairie dogs inhabit only ...

Colorado Office - Defenders of Wildlife
Rockies, and bison, black-tailed prairie dogs, black-footed ferrets and swift fox to the Great Plains. This ... Black-footed Ferret Black-tailed Prairie Dog Lynx Community Activism Employment Outreach Representative - Colorado See All Defenders Jobs> Swift Fox Choose an animal or habitat Alligator Bald Eagle Bats Beluga Whale Bighorn Sheep Bison Black ...

Jonathan Proctor - Defenders of Wildlife
Representative Areas of Expertise: Southern Rockies and Great Plains conservation issues, black-tailed prairie dogs, black-footed ferrets, bison, swift fox, wolves Based in the Denver ... prairie dogs and the grassland ecosystem,ā€¯ a chapter in Conservation of the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog (Island Press, 2006). Jonathan represents Defenders as a member of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Serviceā€™s black ... More from this site

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs in Kansas
Black-tailed Prairie Dogs in Kansas BLACK-TAILED PRAIRIE DOG Photo by Bob Gress Black-tailed Prairie Dog Cynomys ludovicianus Measurements: Total Length: 14-17 inches Tail Length: 2 - 4 inches Weight: 1-3 pounds Comments: Black-tailed prairie dogs, named for their black ...

Prairie Dogs @
Prairie/8393/i_pdcentral.html Burrow through diverse links to sites on prairie dogs. Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Learn about the black-tailed prairie ...

National Geographic: Lewis & Clark—Animals—Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog SHOWING RECORD: 2 of 19   Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Illustration by Gerald Rapp & Cullen Inc./Laszlo Kubinyi Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Cynomys ludovicianus ludovicianus Subspecies of Prairie Dog September 7, 1804, in Boyd County, Nebraska. Large prairie ... More from this site

Prairie Dog Coalition - About Prairie Dogs
It lives in just a few places in the mountain valleys of central Utah. Both black-tailed prairie dogs and Mexican prairie dogs live in the low, dry grasslands and do not hibernate. The black-tailed prairie dog is the largest and most numerous of all prairie ...

Prairie Dog Coalition - White Tailed Prairie Dog
Males compete and display aggression at a more moderate level. A juvenile white-tailed prairie dog emerges from its natal ... prairie dogs. Animal Behaviour 27:394-407. Hoogland, J.L. 1981. The evolution of coloniality in white-tailed and black-tailed prairie dogs. Ecology 62:252-272. Hoogland, J.L. 2003. Sexual dimorphism of prairie dogs ... More from this site

Myths: Facts and Fiction about Prairie Dogs
Tell them what you have learned about prairie dogs and refer them to this Web site. MYTH: Prairie Dogs Are Everywhere Actually, black-tailed prairie dogs occupy less than 1 percent of the land they occupied a century ago. 6* Remaining prairie ...

Prairie Dogs as "Pets"
There is now no refuting that black-tailed prairie dogs are in danger of being pushed to extinction in the near future. That said, prairie dogs should not be removed from the prairie ... More from this site

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