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gray whale facts
The Gray Whales have a double blow hole. All the elder grays carry scars and tooth rake marks from encounters with Orcas ... 14 dorsal nodules on its back, instead of a back fin. A gray whale spout or blow can reach up to 15 feet, and resembles a heart shape from the front or ...

When we observe a spout or hear a blow, we then reposition the boat to be near the whale. From a distance ... to distinguish one from the other. It would not make sense to rush from one spout to another if we happen upon whales that aren't the "blue". So we spend ... More from this site

Slave Trade in North Africa 1818-20: Lyon's Narrative of Travels
Dry cloths are then brought to him ... on it, remained unbroken and perfect, although so brittle as to break with a slight blow. The sand-winds never cause these carcasses to change their places, as in a short ...

Some old English vocabulary
Hucker-mucker: in secret; clandestinely Huckle-duckle: a loose woman Hurribob: a smart blow. Jamballs: rolls made with sweet bread Jolifant: to ride jolifant is to ride pillion, two ... tell a monstrous lie. Loblolly: thick spoon meat or stew Lues: venereal disease Mucksen: muck-spout, a foul-mouthed person Mucksen up to the hucksen: dirty up to the knuckles Muck ... More from this site

Stock List :: Phillip Colla Natural History Photography
Blowhole (2) Dolphin Dorsal Fin (7) Dolphin Injury / Scarring (37) Dolphin Behavior (75) Dolphin Blow / Spout (5) Dolphin Bow-riding (12) Dolphin Feeding (3) Dolphin Jumping / Leaping (48) Dolphin ... (5) Mother / Calf Nurturing (95) Stranding / Abandonment (21) Tail Lob / Peduncle Throw (78) Whale Blow / Spout (168) Whale Breaching (113) Whale Bubble Display (78) Whale Feeding (2) Whale Lunging (160 ...

The Wonders of the Seas: Sperm Whales
The Sperm Whale's blow hole is at an angle on the left side of its head. ... and their distinctive blow is small and easily missed. Unlike most whales where the spout shoots straight up high into the air, the spout of the Sperm ... . Seeing a Sperm whale on the water can be tough because the spout is not very high. These products were made from Sperm whales back ...

Orca Network - Sightings Archives - March 2006
We saw 3 blows almost simultaneously and one blow was smaller than the other 2. Suzy & Clay Smith and Jim Bohardt Snakelum ... the ferry on the way to the SEATAC I thought I saw a spout. It rose up a bit again (we only saw part of the back ... t the short staccato of an Orca, it was definitely the longer, heavy blow of a Gray. Windwalker East Pt, Whidbey Island * We received a call ...

Orca Network - Sightings Archives - May 2006
Minke had three white spots behind and to the right of its blow hole. Alison Engle, Naturalist San Juan Excursions Friday Harbor. * #723 was off ... the shallows just west of Jetty Island. Saw it and the spout of a second head toward Hat /Gedney Island. Not close enough ... front of Sunrise Ln., it was already 7:47pm, & I heard the spout, and a few minutes later, we saw the whales passing, leisurely by. ... More from this site

Blue Whale Photo, Blue Whale photos, Phillip Colla Natural History Photography :: Online Photo Search
Image: 02217  -?-   Species: Balaenoptera musculus Keywords: balaenoptera musculus, balaenopteridae, blue whale, cetacean, endangered, marine mammal, mysticete, rorqual Categories: Blue Whale, Whale Blow / Spout ... , endangered, marine mammal, mysticete, rorqual Categories: Blue Whale, Blue Whale Aerial, Whale Blow / Spout Comp / Review Copy   Blue whale. Image: 02184  -?-   Species ...

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