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The Dolphin Institute - Dolphin Research
Dolphin displays her dorsal fin to her trainer. Dolphin touches her mouth to the ball. ... of nine body parts, rostrum, mouth, melon, side, belly, dorsal fin, pectoral fin, genitals, and tail. We then asked the dolphin to use ... , such as touching or tossing and object with its dorsal fin, or shaking its dorsal fin or displaying it. It could also use different ...

The Dolphin Institute - Resource Guide
The dolphin’s body, except for pectoral fins, dorsal fin, and tail flukes is well insulated by a thick blubber layer. Detection of temperature, therefore ... More from this site

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Latest PCCS Whale Disentanglement Reveals Gruesome Example of Entanglement Crisis
PCCS is attempting to identify this individual whale using photographs of the dorsal fin because it was not possible to use the pattern on the underside of the flukes ...

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Whale Rescue | Frequently Asked Questions
Identifying the whale as an individual, using scars or the shape of the dorsal fin is helpful in this instance (entangling lines may not be easy to see or even ... More from this site

Ecobeetle's Endangered Species - Killer Whale - Conservation Information,Pictures,Facts,Links,Books
The Killer Whale has distinctive black and white markings with a prominent dorsal fin. The dorsal fin is from 1.0 to 1.8 meters tall in adult males and less than ... movements. Characteristics which differ between the two types of whales include the shape of the dorsal fin, pigmentation of the saddle patch, mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, diet, travel patters, respiration patterns, ...

Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department
The first dorsal fin of P. pectinata originates at the same place dorsally as the pelvic fins do ventrally, while in P. perotteti the first dorsal originates anterior to the ... have a blunt cutting posterior edge. Smalltooth sawfish dermal denticles from below the first dorsal fin, including apical views source Bigelow and Schroeder (1948) FNWA ·Denticles Numerous dermal denticles ...

Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department
A mid-dorsal keel, composed of large specialized dermal denticles, extends from just beyond the spiracles to the base of the second dorsal fin. This dorsal keel appears darkly colored ... More from this site

CRESLI's fin whale page
There are 6 typical dorsal fin shapes for fin whales, however, all are falcate. Chevron patterns, dorsal fin shapes, and scars all help to identify individual fin whales. Calf ...

Acoustics Monitoring Program
Whale Biology-fin whale . . . . Fin Whale Balaenoptera physalus {Federally endangered species} Fin whale call Fin whale distribution map The fin whale, Balaenoptera physalus, is the ... and flippers are white. Fin whales can be identified individually by their natural marks and scars. Distinctive features include the tall falcate dorsal fin, the light pigmentation or ...

STW - Fin Whale
The fin whale’s most distinctive feature ... of this unusual coloration is thought to play a part in fin feeding strategy. They have been observed swimming toward their prey, rolling ... 15-20 feet, and can be seen from a great distance. Fin whales’ natural enemy is killer whales (orcas). Fins did not ...

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