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Fin Whales
Fin Whales Fin Whales Fin whales are the second largest animal ever to live on this planet and always a spectacular sighting. These pictures I took on a visit to Gloucester, MA, in September 1995. On board were also researchers from the The Whale Center of New England.

fin whales 72002-new.swf
fin whales 72002-new.swf Fin whales video taken near Montauk

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Humpback Whales | Introduction
Introduction Humpback whales, Megaptera novaeangliae, may be the most unique of the rorqual whales (baleen whales with parallel throat grooves). Big and bulky, they are not built for speed like minke or fin whales. Instead ... of humpbacks comes from the fact that, as whales go, individuals are relatively easy to identify. The unique shape of the dorsal fin along with the pattern on the underside of ...

Lives of Whales
Distribution: Worldwide from subtropical or tropical waters to high latitudes ... modern whaling but not reduced as heavily as blue and fin whales. Distribution: Worldwide in tropical to temperate waters, usually found below ... fin whales may live for up to 90 years, so that they can have a life-span very similar to man. TOP SPERM WHALES ...

CRESLI Whales of NY Course at Dowling
Maine stock of Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae); The Western North Atlantic stock of Fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus); The Canadian East stock of Minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata); The ... : (Delphinus delphis); Atlantic White-Sided dolphins (Lagenorhynchus acutus); Long-finned Pilot whales, (Globicephala melaena). (Transferable college credit available ... you don't need to ...

Blue whale watching in Mexico. Guaranteed encounters with whales on all Baja Jones trips.
Gray Whale! We also expect to see many Fin Whales. The 2nd largest animal in the world. At about ... the very best expert knowledge that is currently available. Blue & Fin whales of Loreto Click here for dates Or email us ... the most elusive of the large whales. Blue whales, Gray whales, Tigers, Elephants, Giant Panda Bears, Blue whales, Whale sharks, Narwhals China, Canada, Thailand, Cambodia ...

General Information About Finback Whales
Fin whales sometimes become entrapped in ice around Newfoundland waters. Underwater view of fin whale -- movie I (978K). Fin whale with Newfoundland's sea shore in the background -- movie II (348K). Fin whales ...

STW - Fin Whale
Unlike blue or sei whales, ... Fin whales have a worldwide distribution. They move toward both poles in the spring and to warmer waters in the fall, as do most other large baleen whales. Unlike blue or sei whales ... can be seen from a great distance. Fin whales’ natural enemy is killer whales (orcas). Fins did not become an important ...

The Whales of Hervey Bay - Slaphappy
August 1995, Slaphappy was alone with no other whales in sight. The vigorous tail-slapping attracted our attention. As we ... is a female. Its not unusual to find young sub-adult whales, both male and female, spending time alone in Hervey Bay. It ... dolphin beside her. This photo of Slaphappy's left hand dorsal fin and lateral body, together with the under fluke photos, will help ...

The Whales of Hervey Bay - Gregono
Gregono using a combination of their own names. Naming the Whales is an important part of our research. Gregono shows off with a feisty pass bythe Expedition vessel. Naming Whales is an important part of our research. We use a 'Mnemonic Naming ... him next time we meet. The lovely silhouette of his dorsal fin was our last glimpse of Gregono as he moved off into ... More from this site

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