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Global Warming and the Kyoto Protocol
Chlorofluorocarbons: Synthetic chemicals used in the manufacture of aerosol sprays and as solvents, refrigerants, and blowing agents for foams and packing materials. Freon is a common CFC used in refrigerators. In the ...

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Membership   Objectives Fluorocarbons are used as feedstocks, as refrigerants, as solvents and as blowing agents for insulation plastic foams. The Sector Group’s main objective is to monitor the constantly ...

Insulation foams
These specific properties have made them good candidates as foam-blowing agents for the replacement of HCFC-141b and HCFC-142b in the production of insulating ... excellent thermal insulating characteristics. These specific properties have made them good candidates as foam-blowing agents for the replacement of HCFC-141b and HCFC-142b in the production of ... More from this site

Sourcebook Structural Wall
XEPS and urethane foam use CFC's or HCFC's as blowing agents. MEPS does not use any ozone-depleting chemicals. For credit from the Green Builder Program ...

Sourcebook Insulation
Extruded polystyrene and polyisocyanurate foam insulation boards are currently made with CFC or HCFC blowing agents. ... polystyrene does not contain CFCs or HCFCs. It typically uses pentane as a blowing agent and has some recycled content. (See the Engineered Sheet Materials section for ... More from this site

ESB: Spray Foam Producers Solve Ozone Problem
(CFCs) once used as blowing agents, replacing them with hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). But the HCFCs aren't 100 percent ozone- ... Tech Inc. of North Thetford, Vermont. Supergreen uses a hydro-fluorocarbon HFC-134a as a blowing agent. HFCs contain no chlorine and have no effect on the ozone layer. Estimates ...

Alternatives / SNAP | US EPA
Final Rule: Protection of Stratospheric Ozone; Listing of Ozone Depleting Substitutes in Foam Blowing Key Documents SNAP Final Rule Summary Submit a Substitute Lists of ... has reviewed substitutes for the following industrial sectors: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Foam Blowing Agents Cleaning Solvents Fire Suppression and Explosion Protection Aerosols Sterilants Tobacco Expansion Adhesives, ...

Regulations | Alternatives / SNAP | US EPA
HFC-245fa is acceptable as a substitute for CFC-11 and HCFC-141b in all foam end-uses. Exxsol Blowing Agents are acceptable ... 31, HCFC-22, HCFC-142b, and GHG-X5 as substitutes for foam blowing, refrigeration, and air conditioning. The foam blowing end uses are HCFCs, polyurethane integral skin with an acceptable substitute ... More from this site

Sample Letter of Objection to a New Local McDonald's Store
Plastic-based packaging is non-biodegradable and often consists of polystyrene made using blowing agents which contribute to ozone depletion or the 'greenhouse effect'. Furthermore, McDonald's do not recycle ...

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