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Global Bio Sciences - FAQ
How is butane used to degrade pollution in soil and groundwater? Does the process employ inoculation methods? How is the butane added to the subsurface? Is butane ... been documented using butane injection. back to top Q. How much of a cost savings do the Butane Biostimulation Technologies™ provide? A. Butane Biosparging™ and Butane Bioventing™ technologies require ...

Global Bio Sciences - Groundwater Remediation
Butane Injection System™ is a safe and highly reliable delivery system that requires little maintenance and technician oversight. The use of butane to stimulate naturally occurring petroleum degrading bacteria is very safe. The Butane ... wells as butane injection wells. For hot-spot treatment, the mobile butane treatment system will significantly lower capital costs for injection well installation ... More from this site

Naphthalene Trans-2-pentene 2-Methyl-butene Benzo(g,h,i)perylene n-Butane Vinylbenzene Click here, for further information on specific contaminants: Contaminant Specific Web Sites Click here ... Ground Water Pumping Ion Exchange Prec./Coag./Flocc.

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